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EliteEssayWriters.com Review

This our review of EliteEssayWriters.com. We are writing this piece in order to honor the requests of several who have contacted us asking for more information on Elite Essay Writers. Each time we review a writing service, we take the same steps with only rare exceptions. This ensures that we get all of the information we need and that we evaluate each service fairly. Here are those steps:

  • We read customer reviews and testimonials of EliteEssayWriters
  • We review every piece of content on the company website so that we understand exactly what products and services it offers along with the quality of writing on the site itself
  • We look at blog posts and sample writings
  • We review policies and processes for customers to place and receive their orders
  • We compare pricing with that of other known reliable writing services, as well as discounts and other benefits
  • We look for customer reviews all over the web as well as those that have been submitted to us
  • We contact the customer service department and ask very specific and detailed questions about the company, its policies, its writers, and its products.
  • We look for information about writers – how they are vetted and hired

Please continue reading to learn all that we have found out about EiteEssayWriters.

Review Criteria

The purpose of our evaluating Elite Essay Writers or any writing service is to ensure that they meet the following criteria that we have set for a trusted and reliable writing service:

  • We want to see a well-organized website that provides detailed information about the products and services that are offered, that speaks to the qualifications of its writers, and that provides samples of the quality of their writing
  • We want to see policies that provide legal responsibilities, confidentiality, and guarantees of customer satisfaction.
  • We want to see prices that reflect reasonableness for the industry
  • We want to see a customer service department that is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable
  • We want to read customer comments and reviews that speak to high-quality products and services and satisfaction with their experiences. 

Did EliteEssayWriters pass our test?

Factor 1: Types of Writing Services Offered​

We discovered that Elite Essay Writers offers a wide array of products and services. It produces essays, papers, reviews, analyses and critiques, coursework help, test-taking, presentations, projects, case studies, lab reports, theses, dissertations, and more.

Job seekers can order resumes, CV’s and cover letters as well.

Admissions and scholarship essays, editing and proofreading round out the offers.

Factor 2: Trust/Reliability​

According to customers, EliteEssayWriters takes orders, assigns them to writers, and delivers those products, usually within the deadline that the customer has set. In this sense, the company is both trusted and reliable.

In terms of trust in other areas, we do have concerns. First, the company does not publish its policies, and this is a huge red flag. Customers need to know their rights and responsibilities, and they need to know how their privacy is protected. They also need to know what happens if they are unhappy with their products. While the company states that revisions can be requested, where is the policy that guarantees this?

The other concern we have is that the company may not have the writing expertise to provide for all customer needs. It states that it has 450+ writers, all of whom have been properly vetted in terms of backgrounds. Can 450 writers cover every type of product and every subject field? We’re not sure.

Factor 3: Level of Quality​

This is the most important factor in our evaluation of every writing service. It is all about quality.

The on-site testimonials are all positive, as is expected. But we have to go beyond those and see what other customers have to say about their EliteEssayWriters experiences. We looked at comments and feedback we found out on the web and openly solicited reviews on our site. Here are what those customers have had to say:

  • There are a number of customer complaints about quality. Specifically, they speak to poor writing quality that looks more like a foreign writer than a native English-speaker. They also complain about poor resources used for research pieces
  • We tried to access the samples that the company states are on its site. Without exception, every sample we tried to access took us to an order form, not to the writing piece itself. In short, we could not read any of the samples that Elite Essay Writers claims are on its site
  • The blog articles claim to have tips for writing a wide variety of types of essays. Unfortunately, the content of these articles is a thing and all of the articles seem to have the same “tips,” that most students already know and understand
  • We contacted the customer service department on two occasions – by phone and live chat. We tried to get details about policies, writers, and products. In the end, we were basically told to go ahead and place our order and then take up detail with the assigned writer. 

Factor 4: Pricing/Payment​

An undergraduate piece is priced at $11.96 per page with a 14-day deadline. Costs graduate upward depending upon the academic level and the deadline urgency. What we did not see is any differentiation among the types of orders, other than for admissions essays, which are quite pricey.

Relative to discounts, there is no way to miss the across-the-board discount of 15% for everyone. These are promoted in the way of pop-ups that appear when any page is accessed – it’s a bit of an overkill. 

Payments are made via Visa or Mastercard. It appears that the company is using a third-party processor, and that is certainly a safe and secure procedure. Elite Essay Writers does not collect customer financial information.

Factor 5: Additional Important Considerations​

It is quite noticeable that there is no extra content or features here. Instead, customers get a very bare-bones website. In fact, we struggled to find information on company policies or other benefits.

Concluding Comments​

After weighing all of the pros & cons, our final rating is poor. This company simply does not meet our standards. The writing quality was below average. The website is very thin, and links to samples are broken or non-existent. But, most important, customers are not happy. Don’t waste your time here when there are so many other quality writing services. Overall, we have assigned a rating of 2, based upon a 1-10-point scale.

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    I appreciate that you are able to get assignments out quickly. The papers are written well. However, graduate-level writing can be improved. Graduate-level writing does not have "fill words."
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    the support team here are just all at sea. they know absolutely nothing about their own services! unacceptable and cant recommend to anyone
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    I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! My coursework was 100% OFF-TOPIC!!!!
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