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MyPerfectWords hasn’t been around very long. Still, it’s starting to get the attention of students from around the world. Now is the perfect time for us to publish our thoughts. If you’re wondering whether this is a good place to spend your money, you are in the right place. As always, we endeavor to answer the questions you have during your search for the perfect online writing provider. In this review, we will address:

  • The cost of services as related to both quality, and fees charged by similar companies.

  • Whether the company has established a favorable reputation.

  • The specific products and services that are offered.

  • If there are discounts or other special offerings.

  • The overall quality of writing.

  • If the company can be trusted.

  • Any other factors that should impact a student’s choice.

Review Criteria

We’ll end this review by letting readers know if we endorse this service, recommend that students avoid it entirely, or something in between. In order to make this assessment fairly, we take the following steps:

  • Explore the website.

  • Conduct a price comparison.

  • Search for coupon codes.

  • Read a completed piece of writing for quality and completion.

  • Research the company online, including reading customer reviews.

  • Engage with customer support.

Once we have the information we need, we review all of that evidence. We think in terms of the needs of the average student. Then, we compose and publish a review that is as helpful as possible.

Factor 1: Types of Writing Services Offered

This is an academic writing company. All the services they offer are within this category. Here are just a few of them:

  • Essays

  • Research Papers

  • Application Letters

  • Book Reviews

  • Case Studies

  • Personal Statements

  • Online Assignments

  • Critiques

  • Lab Reports

  • Book Reports

  • Movie Reviews

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Reports

  • Term Paper

  • Reflection Paper

  • Thesis or Dissertation

It’s clear that there are writers here to meet a wide variety of academic needs. MyPerfectWords also serves students at different academic levels.

Factor 2: Trust and Reliability

There are two ways to gauge whether a writing service is safe and legit. First, we took our own experience into consideration. We found the website easy to navigate. The policies we read were pretty standard. We also interacted with customer support via online chat. We found the employees to be professional, knowledgeable, and quite helpful. The delivery of the paper was executed perfectly, and before the deadline.

Next, we took a look at the company’s reputation. Whether our experience was good or bad, we wanted to know if it was universal. So, we started with an online search of MyPerfectWords. We visited review sites. We even looked the company up on Reddit. There’s not much on social media about this company. Because of this, we relied mostly on consumer reviews to gauge whether they are trustworthy. The majority of reviews were positive. Students were generally happy with their papers and had positive experiences. However, the negative reviews mentioned refusal to provide refunds or support guarantees, threatening to contact customer’s university and very poor writing. The company does respond to negative reviews. However, it is a canned response.

Factor 3: Level of Quality

As mentioned above, many students are perfectly happy with the quality they received. Our experience was a bit mixed. We’ll start with the positives. The paper we received met the company’s non plagiarism guarantee. It was delivered on time. Overall, the writing was decent. The writer stayed on topic. They provided sources for the majority of factual claims that were made.

Sadly, there were areas that needed improvement. The company needs better editing. There were sloppy mistakes. We believe these errors should have been caught during proofreading. None of them were terrible, but these are the things that add up and can lead to serious grade reductions. The paper also indicated that the writer wasn’t quite comfortable with finding academic sources. That’s a shame. As we read the essay, we wondered if their writers don’t have access to academic data sources.

Factor 4: Pricing and Payment

Prices here are a bit high, but still within industry standards. A high school paper starts at 15 dollars per page. These prices go up as deadlines, and grade levels become more pressing. The highest price we found was 50 dollars per page for a PhD level paper due in less than one day. Students generally pay half of the cost of a paper upfront and the rest upon delivery. We did think this was a great way of doing things. That’s not something we’ve encountered at other essay writing services. This was definitely a plus in our view.

We did not find a promo code during our research.  However, at the time of this writing, the company was offering a 50% discount. We were not able to determine if that discount was reflected in the current pricing, or if savings would be realized later.

Finally, it’s quite easy to make a payment here. More importantly, the process appears to be safe. The company accepts PayPal and debit/credit cards. Processing appears to be as secure as any other site.

Factor 5: Additional Important Considerations

This is a very standard writing website. There’s nothing particularly negative about this company. There’s also nothing very stellar. So, we looked for any extras that might help us to provide our endorsement. Unfortunately, there are simply not many new or exciting features here.

We did find a blog. It’s well-written and fairly active. The posts are on the subject of writing for the most part. It would be nice to have some content available about college life, budgeting, and entertainment. These could add some value to MyPerfectWords. 

Anyone who is interested can view writing samples on the company website. There are also customer testimonials and an FAQ page. These are informative. Of course, they are also a bit biased in favor of the company.

We noticed that the company guarantees quality and originality. In fact, students have 30 days to request a revision. Many other sites limit revision requests to just 14 days or less. 

Concluding Comments

Even though MyPerfectWords is in no way a scam or fraud, the Top Writers Review's team is hesitant to endorse it. The work we reviewed was complete and plagiarism free. We also found no legal issues. The writing isn’t too expensive either. Those are the pros.

Unfortunately, those are outweighed by the cons. We felt as if the writing quality was a bit subpar. We were also bothered by claims that writing wasn’t always original. These two negatives lead us to give MyPerfectWords 2.5 stars overall. There are certainly some positive attributes, such as the blog. Unfortunately, we still encourage students to find an alternative writing service provider.


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