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PaperWritten Review

Have you heard about PaperWritten? If you haven’t, don’t worry – we haven’t heard of it either until some of our readers recommended us to look into it. After all, it’s our job to make sure our customers are not dealing with a scam site that doesn’t see anything wrong with plagiarism. We are indeed thankful that we were asked to review this site. What we found out must be shared with all our readers, so they stay safe and don’t get involved with this website.

If you want to know why we advise everyone to look for a different alternative, just read this PaperWritten review and you will understand.

Review Criteria

As you already know, we think it’s of great importance to check out whether a site is legit or not. That being said, in order to determine if a writing company deserves a good or a bad rating, we take a look at various aspects, such as:

  • Whether the plagiarism policy is a good one and benefits the client.
  • The writers on the website and if there’s any way to check how reliable they are, based on their experience.
  • The cost of the services and if they’re fair.
  • Whether there’s a refund policy.
  • The reputation of the website on various platforms and whether people were pleased or left complaints in testimonials.
  • If the writers are able to respect the deadline.
  • Whether a BBB registration exists.
  • The quality of their writing.

Factor 1. Types of Writing Services Offered

We can’t have reviewed without taking a look at the services they offer. For the most part, we noticed the academic services offered are numerous. They offer the typical services you’d expect, such as essays, case studies, term papers, speeches, coursework, but they also offer poems, short stories, marketing plans, and many other things. The list is very detailed.

Besides, customers can also request a dissertation or a thesis, or order business-related articles such as business plans, memos, letters, reports, and many others.

Factor 2. Reliability

For a website that seems to have a good number of customers, it isn’t too trustworthy. In fact, during our research, we found out a few things.

First of all, they don’t always meet deadlines. Even though deadlines are supposed to be respected, it’s not always the case with PaperWritten – which is a shame. It’s a common occurrence if you order a paper with a short deadline, such as an assignment you need in a few hours. Now, of course, that it’s hard to finish a long assignment in such a short time and do a good job at the same time. However, such services should not be available when it’s not possible to deliver what you promise.

Upon looking on the website, we managed to find the terms and conditions. In this text, we could find details about the money-back policy, which specified that getting your money back is possible depending on the situation. However, multiple people have stated in Paper Written reviews that they were not given back their money after asking for a refund, even if their situation was suitable for a refund.

Factor 3. Level of Quality

The quality of the papers didn’t impress us at all. In fact, their writing is rather disappointing for a site with so many customers. The grammar leaves much to desire, which should be something the owners of the platform should fix. When you promise to have native English-speaking people writing the papers, you need to follow that rule. There’s no way their writers are native speakers, not with the below-average grammar we saw in their papers.

Besides, there are moments when the writers are just not completing the sentences properly, or they are just not following the proper structure for the type of assignment they have to finish. The citations are sometimes incorrectly cited as well, something that would affect the student if he/she didn’t notice.

When you ask for revisions, it’s basically a hit or miss – some writers can’t even grasp the true meaning of editing, and they send back a paper that still lacks the quality you want.

Factor 4. Pricing and Payment Options

The payment you’ll have to offer for their services is not that much, but it’s also not too cheap. It’s a decently priced service. You can find the prices listed on their website based on the academic level and the deadline. The longest deadline, respectively 15+ days, will only cost $17.55 per page. As expected, the higher the academic level and the shorter the deadline, the more the price is going to increase. The prices are different for business writing, though. They can be a little higher compared to academic writing.

At the very least, a good thing about the service is that you can get discounts. If you’re a first-time buyer, then using a promo code to get a discount is possible. This allows you to save some money. Other coupon codes can be used too if the customer owns any.

Additional Information

The support team is easy to reach, but it’s not always going to help you. According to various customer reviews, the customer support service didn’t help too much and let multiple issues unsolved.

Some customers also declared that they were asked for extra money for revisions they asked for, which is not something that should be done. The homepage clearly states that revisions are free.

There are, in fact, multiple free services listed on the main page, such as free bibliography, title page, outline, and plagiarism report.


So, there you have it, the pros & cons of PaperWritten. We did a lot of digging for this company on the internet and checked multiple platforms for details, including Reddit. In the end, we don’t like this site and don’t think the quality of their papers is good. Hopefully, you will not have to deal with such bad service. While not all their writers are terrible, you never know when you could stumble upon a bad one and waste your money and time. We ask our readers to be cautious with this site.


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