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ProEssayWriter Review

Welcome to our review of ProEssayWriter.com. This is our official write up of ProEssayWriter. We have investigated this service in response to questions and comments that we have received from our followers who are considering using this service. In order to gather as much information as possible, we took the following steps:

  • Secured a completed essay from ProEssayWriter
  • Reviewed that order for accuracy, quality, and adherence to instructions
  • Read customer reviews and testimonials
  • Compared prices with similar writing services
  • Searched for discounts and coupon codes
  • Researched the BBB and customer review sites to determine that ProEssayWriter.com is not a fraud or scam. Also searched for any legal filings or other issues.
  • Read online policy pages 
  • Searched for bonus content or other material
  • Explored the website to evaluate it for ease of navigation, performance, and other considerations.

Our criteria are consistent across the board. As we reviewed this service, we took the following things into consideration:

  • Does ProEssayWriter deliver products on time?
  • Is the company reputable?
  • Do they follow the student’s instructions?
  • Is the writing of adequate quality?
  • Are the prices competitive?
  • Is the website easy to navigate?
  • Are there any extras for students and other customers?
  • Are their policies clear, and do they offer customers protections they deserve?
  • Is the company reliable, and can they be trusted to deliver services as promised?
  • Are payment processes safe and secure?

To see if this service met our exacting standards, keep reading. We provide all the details below. Scroll to the end to see our final recommendation.

Factor 1: Types of Writing Services Offered

This service only offers academic writing. We purchased a college-level essay. Other services include term papers, research papers, lab reports, book reviews, critiques, summaries, personal statements, and more. It does not appear as if they offer resume and CV writing, or business copywriting. They do offer thesis and dissertation assistance to students. Editing and proofreading services are offered. The company will also create PowerPoint presentations for students. We were satisfied with the range of services that were offered.

Factor 2: Trust/Reliability

All indications are that this service is trustworthy enough to provide products for payment. We found no complaints of lack of delivery, fraud, or other issues. They have a secure website, and they use SSL technology for additional security. We found no issues with consumer groups such as the BBB. Keep in mind that this is not an indication of the quality of work. It only means there are no open complaints via consumer reporting agencies. It also indicates that students haven’t reported failure to deliver their papers.

Factor 3: Level of Quality

Quality is the one area that is most problematic. The paper we received was simply not acceptable for college-level academics. There were many errors that should have been caught in editing. We also felt as if the resources used were pedestrian, and certainly not of academic quality. In addition to this, customer support was rude and dismissive when we called with concerns. Had the issue only been with the paper we received, we may have dismissed the issue as a bit of a glitch. Sadly, many customer reviews indicated similar experiences.

Factor 4: Pricing/Payment

Prices here are on the high side. We paid nearly 20 dollars for a college essay. That is quite a bit. When we consider the lack of quality and support, we don’t believe the cost is nearly worthwhile. We were able to apply a promo code to save 15% off. This would have been a nice saving had everything else been to our satisfaction.

The company recommends using Paypal. We did this and were able to make a payment without any trouble. They also accept other payment methods. The online payment process is similar to that of other online writing services.

Factor 5: Additional Important Considerations

ProEssayWriter does offer a blog. It is updated fairly regularly, and the content is pretty interesting. Unfortunately, in this case, this extra content does not do enough to make up for the other issues we encountered. We did not see any videos, tutorials, or other beneficial content.

We can say that the website was relatively easy to navigate. We were able to place an order easily. Unfortunately, we did find an area of major concern. We were unable to locate policy documents. Most sites publish privacy, money back guarantee, terms of service, and other policies. These help students understand their rights and responsibilities. When these policy documents are difficult or impossible to understand, that’s problematic. Students should feel very nervous about this. Because these policies were not available to us, we cannot say that the company safely stores student data. We cannot say if they are GDPR compliant or not. Students who wish to use this service should contact customer support to get some reassurance over these missing policy documents. A sitemap would have allowed us to find these documents easily.

Concluding Comments

After our experience with Pro Essay Writers, we are unable to endorse this writing service. We considered many pros & cons. Unfortunately, our rating is poor. The prices are simply too high for the level of quality offered. We also had issues with website navigation, and with customer service. Finally, we are unsure of this company’s policies or guarantees. Overall, there are just too many problems here. Instead, please consider one of the other services that we have recommended.

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    I appreciate that you are able to get assignments out quickly. The papers are written well. However, graduate-level writing can be improved. Graduate-level writing does not have "fill words."
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    the support team here are just all at sea. they know absolutely nothing about their own services! unacceptable and cant recommend to anyone
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    I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! My coursework was 100% OFF-TOPIC!!!!
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