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Scribendi Review

This piece is our review of Scribendi.com. To determine that Scribendi is not a fraud or scam, and to gather as much information as possible, we took the following steps:

  1. We read customer reviews and testimonials about Scribendi.
  2. We placed an order for services.
  3. We analyzed the quality of the services we received from Scribendi.com.
  4. Conducted a BBB search of Scribendi
  5. Explored the Scribendi website
  6. Conducted a price comparison and explored coupon codes and other deals

The following outlines our overall experience and conclusions.

Review Criteria​

Our review criteria remains consistent. We expect top quality service. We expect friendly and helpful customer support. Prices should be fair and reasonable. The website we are reviewing should be easy to navigate. All products should be delivered early or on time.

Factor 1: Types of Writing Services Offered​

This is not a writing service. Instead, this is a proofreading and editing service. We placed an order to have a relatively long essay edited and proofread.

Factor 2: Trust/Reliability​

We placed an order, and it was filled. We have no reason to suspect any sort of fraud here. In that sense, the company does seem to be trustworthy and reliable. However, there are quality issues to be addressed below.

Factor 3: Level of Quality​

We reviewed our edited document, and it left a lot to be desired. First, the writer left several errors untouched. These were mistakes that should have been found quite easily. They also missed factual mistakes. Even awkward phrasing was ignored with no written warning added the edited version with suggestions for fixing it.

Basically, it appeared as if our paper received a basic once over. It did not appear as if a professional editor or proofreader actually did any of the work that we ordered.

Factor 4: Pricing/Payment​

Prices are quoted according to length and deadline. We paid around 60 dollars to have our essay edited. It was over 1500 words, and we gave the editor a week to complete the assignment. Prices did not seem unreasonable, but the quoting system did make comparison difficult.

There are no discounts available for these services. This means we were unable to apply any sort of a promo code. We were able to easily make payment online. For this order, we opted to use PayPal.

Factor 5: Additional Important Considerations​

There was nothing more to consider here than the quality of service and customer support. It only takes a few moments on the company website to understand that this service takes a minimalist approach. They simply offer proofreading and editing. They do not have any extra features or content.

Concluding Comments​

Our final rating of this service is below average. While we appreciate the effort to provide students and others with a niche service such as proofreading and editing, quality was just not there. Students who are in search of writing assistance should know that we have weighed to pros & cons. Learn from our experience and use another writing service.

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    I appreciate that you are able to get assignments out quickly. The papers are written well. However, graduate-level writing can be improved. Graduate-level writing does not have "fill words."
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    the support team here are just all at sea. they know absolutely nothing about their own services! unacceptable and cant recommend to anyone
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    I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! My coursework was 100% OFF-TOPIC!!!!
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