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Thesis Helpers is a website that is meant to help students with their theses. We came across it while trying to look for writing companies to review and thought it would be helpful for our readers if we analyzed it and gave it a rating. A thesis is an important work that requires a lot of work, and it’s hard for some students to write their own. That’s when they look for thesis writing companies to help them out. However, they need something trustworthy and safe. Can ThesisHelpers be what they need? Well, you will find the answer to that below in this ThesisHelpers review.

Review Criteria

Usually, to determine if a website is an alternative worth considering, we have to take a look at a few aspects and analyze them carefully, thus finding out if it’s reliable. Some things we look at include whether the content they write is void of plagiarism, if the writers meet the deadline, and if they can write high-quality content in good and correct English.

But aside from that, we also look at the prices, the site’s discounts, and if there are any guarantees to benefit the client. Of course, we also consider the platform’s reputation online and look if the reviews are positive or not, either on Reddit, Trustpilot, or other similar sites. We look for BBB registrations or affiliations too.

Factor 1. Types of Writing Services Offered

This platform is meant to work on a student’s thesis. It can do writing from scratch, but it also deals with other things such as editing and proofreading, depending on what the customer wants.

Not to mention, you can also choose to have them work on either your entire thesis or just part of it. They can also apparently give you tips on improving your paper.

Factor 2. Reliability

When it comes to how reliable it is, we weren’t too happy with what we discovered. The complaints we saw about this thesis writing service, as well as the work we’ve seen from them, were contrary to what their homepage says.

Some people who ordered from them in the past talked about how the papers were not great from the start, and they had to ask for revisions.

When you register on the platform and log into your account, you have the option to talk to the customer service, as well as the writer or advisor. This is a good thing because it lets you reach out to them whenever necessary. You have a phone number available, as well as an email address and a one-on-one chat to use. However, they can be very slow when it comes to asking for a refund. This is not good and will put off many customers.

Some customer reviews even mentioned how the company is hard selling. They are basically telling you that you’ll be successful if you get your thesis written by them, whereas you’ll fail if you write it by yourself. They’re discouraging people from working themselves, and this is a red flag.

Factor 3. Level of Quality

Here’s where we started wondering if this website is legit and not a scam or anything of the sort. Not only is the site unreliable, but their work leaves much to desire. A lot of former customers found multiple grammar mistakes in the thesis they ordered and had to return it for revisions. But the revision didn’t end up fixing anything. This is a bad look for a platform that is so proud of their ability to write. And it’s not worth wasting time and money either.

People also regretted giving them any payment when they saw that the structure wasn’t even respected and that the writer had no idea about the field the thesis was for. They messed up the order many times, and the thesis made no sense in the end. It’s disappointing and can put the student in a very bad situation if they submit such a paper.

Factor 4. Pricing and Payment Options

When we looked at pricing, we noticed it’s a little pricey for writing, but it could make sense, considering this is not a simple essay – it’s a thesis. The price could start from $26.03 for writing. The cost for editing starts at $17.35 per page, whereas the one for proofreading starts from $14.75. It’s pretty expensive, but it’s similar to the prices of such services.

Coupon codes can be used too, and you can introduce them at checkout. If you have a promo code, you can reduce the price of your order even more. It’s a great feature for students who don’t have the best financial situation but need help with their thesis. A code is usually featured under the price on the site’s pricing page, so you can take it from there. You can use other codes, too, if you have any. It’s a good thing to have.

Additional Information

There is also a blog for the website, where we discovered multiple articles on thesis writing with tips and other such information. But the articles can quickly become repetitive, and you will get bored going through them. Besides, we did notice a few grammar mistakes here and there, something you don’t want to see from a writing service.

We couldn’t find any guarantee of quality. A money-back policy exists, but according to testimonials from customers in the past, not everyone received their money back.


Now that you made it to the end of this Thesis Helpers reviewed post, you should know whether it’s a good service to consider or not. In our opinion, while there are pros & cons with it as with any other website, the cons are too many, and they overshadow the pros. Not only that, but the reviews have also shown that the clients in the past had bad experiences with it, and thus many others in the future may end up having an experience just as bad. In the end, we hope you will be careful when it comes to your thesis writing.


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