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Updated: 09.08.22
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Short overview

Years in operation: 3
Minimal price: $11.99
Minimal deadline: 3 hours
Guarantees: Privacy, Refunds, Free Revisions, No Plagiarism, 24/7 Support
Payment Methods:
Visa Master Card American Express
Available Services: Academic Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Rewriting, Dissertation & Admission Services, Visual Analysis, Slides
Extra perks and features: Samples, Plagiarism Report, SMS notification, Digital Sources


My all-encompassing Wr1ter review is new because this company isn’t well-known. It has a generic name that makes it difficult to look for information about it, but some of you expressed interest and I wanted to help. Wr1ter emerged at least 3 years ago, which makes it a baby company. It invested effort into making a modern website, but its online presence is non-existent. There are no trustworthy reviews about it at all, something that worried me. At least some students should have left their opinions by this point, yet I found nothing. You can contact the firm via Skype, email, or chat; it offers various academic services for cheap prices, but its presentation is underwhelming. These are important aspects and yet they weren’t sufficient for me to draw conclusions. I wanted to know more, and this pushed me to continue and deepen my research.


  • Cheap prices
  • Samples present


  • Terrible quality
  • Unprofessional website content
  • Lack of proper security guarantees
  • No Wr1ter.com reviews
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Table of Contents

How to Assess a Firm’s Success: Website Comes First


For determining top 10 essay writing services in the market, analyzing website is an essential component. It might seem superficial to students who only care about quality, but as my experience shows, homepage can say a lot about what you should and shouldn’t expect. It’s a business card of a company, its chance to show its face and sell itself as a trustworthy provider. Wr1ter seems to have done a great job in this area. Its site is modern and has a convenient layout. Dark blue colors mix well with white, and the picture of workers sitting together creates a positive impression of professionalism. Sections are mostly relevant: it could be difficult to find some of them, but Wr1ter offers info on its prices, services, etc. It doesn’t hide much, which is a significant plus.

You could be wondering, if everything is so perfect, why did I rate this section with 5 stars? Because of content. Managers didn’t bother making their site fluent, and the text there has multiple mistakes. Here is one example: one of the first sentences greeting customers says, “The answers to all of your questions you will find on this page.” Does this sound like something a native speaker would have written? Awkward constructions, grammar mistakes and issues with punctuation are just some problems. Then there is overall approach to presentation. Wr1ter.com’s founder is named Alex Turner, and this guy seems full of himself. There is a section with the title “Always About Alex Turner,” which sounds ridiculous. To make it worse, it has this line: “With wr1ter.com, you always know that it is all about Alex Turner who will handle your orders equality perfect.” This is pure word soup. The company should think less about its owner and more about its clients.

wr1ter interface

Writing Services for Students and Other Clients


Some students need college admission essay writing service because they are worried about their chances. Others might need a PowerPoint presentation or help with dashboard assignment. Best companies provide all of these options, but how about this one? Is Wr1ter good at being diverse and helpful? From the first glance, yes, it is. You could order essay writing, editing, or proofreading; experts could make perfect slides, provide dissertation or even visual analysis. The problem is that when you place an order, these guys might tell you that they haven’t found a writer for you days later. This has been my experience when I asked for help with online exam. I was forced to place another order for testing purposes.

Despite being young, the company has free samples. This could be a great compensation for the lack of Wr1ter.com reviews since free essay examples are important for every student. If they have good quality, it could encourage clients to hire a writer. These samples are few in number, but I was most interested in their content. The obvious suspicious thing was that most of them are written by Alex Turner. Is he the only writer in his own company? That can’t be true. Still, I picked his sample for analysis.

Title: Essay on Why Specializing Early Doesn’t Always Mean Career Success

Length: 5 Pages

Analysis: This sample is pretty good. The issue is, it’s not an academic paper. Turner wrote all of his samples on various videos, so he doesn’t use academic sources, structure or language. Some sentences are overly long; contractions and informal expressions are used. There aren’t many grammar mistakes, but I question the value of such an essay for students.

Quality: Medium

wr1ter essay sample

Truth Behind Quality and Safety Guarantees


The thing that no reviews of Wr1ter will tell you is that this company has terrible quality guarantees. I was shocked when I read some of them. On paper, it looks legit: clients could ask for free revisions or refunds, and their data is protected. But the firm admits that it can research you online via social media, use what it finds in marketing purposes and share it with third parties. This is not safe. It posts alleged photos of students right on its platform, right along their names!

As for quality promises, to my regret, my Wr1ter review isn’t going to be positive about it either. Clients might ask for their money back if they are not satisfied, but chances of getting it are slim, especially if they complain about quality or lateness. The company states that it takes “zero responsibility for any problems that might arise during the cooperation with the customers, as the latter is bonded to be responsible for any negative outcomes.” This does not sound optimistic at all.

My Experience with Online Customer Representatives


Though the company promises 24/7 online chat and reviews of Wr1ter posted on the platform voice this certainty, I didn’t find it to be true. For contacting operators, you need to share your name, email and type your message. Then you should wait for a reply. It might come quickly or you might have to wait for hours — I had both happen to me. The guys I spoke to differed. Some were nice, others sounded rude and wanted to get rid of me as fast as possible. I did not enjoy my experience and it cost me much nerves.

wr1ter customer support

Quality as the Center of Wr1ter.com Review


To my utter disappointment, quality I got was terrible. I saw much better one on various free essay sites I checked. After the first failed attempt, I ordered an English Literature paper of 5 pages on a simple topic. My deadline was 2 weeks and I paid $59.96 for it. This is a good price. But my paper wasn’t there on time. It arrived a day later, which is outrageous since my deadline was long enough for the writer to cope with it. The topic was easy and required no extensive research. Grammarly found 212 issues in the text: my writer made ridiculous grammar, stylistic and formatting issues. APA wasn’t followed at all, but most importantly, quality was abysmal. I asked for research and the writer did some sort of creative writing. They either didn’t read the story I requested or just ignored my instructions. There was not a single positive thing I could say other than the absence of plagiarism.

wr1ter quality

Mechanics of Placing Writing Orders


All coursework writing websites should have a clear ordering mechanism. Clients need to see how to hire a writer and do it under 5 minutes. In my detailed Wr1ter.com review, I discovered that it’s not exactly the case.

  1. Click “order now.” This website has plenty of buttons you could use for starting the hiring process, to the point where they become overwhelming.
  2. Provide all the details and register. The order form looks messy because clients must do everything at once. They should indicate their personal data, create an account, as well as provide instructions for their order. This isn’t comfortable.
  3. Secure payment. Pay for your essay via your card. There are no other available methods.
  4. Wait for a writer. The company is going to find a writer for you, but it’s not a guarantee and they won’t necessarily warn you on time.

wr1ter order placement

Secrets of Essay Prices


Wr1ter reviews posted on this site admire low prices. This is true: the company doesn’t charge much. It also has generous discounts of up to 20% — this is always a pleasant addition. But what’s infuriating is outright lies.

Services Minimal price per page
Essay writing $11.99
Editing $8.39
Proofreading $4.80
Dissertation $13.19

When ordering an essay, your price will be higher than this. The company boasts that it makes you a favor by choosing to provide you with free title page, which should allegedly cost $4.99, formatting for the price of $5.40, reference page for over $7, and so on. It’s a rip-off and/or a cheap marketing trick. No one should ever pay for these services. They are automatic in every other company.

wr1ter additional features

Opinion About These Writers


I interacted only with my writer and my thoughts aren’t positive. This expert didn’t understand my task and failed at everything I requested. Since the firm chooses your writers, you have no control over who ends up working on your task. No info is offered on this.

Are Revisions Effective Here?


I had to place a revision request during my review of Wr1ter. It did not go well. My writer made a fuss, operators were reluctant, and when they finally agreed that my complaints are justified, more than 2 days passed. Such lengthy revisions are useless. The writer changed content a bit and did correct formatting — that was the only change. The paper remained unreadable otherwise.

Extra Services and Perks


Some Wr1ter reviews rave about extra features, but the thing is, I haven’t found many. Samples are available, just like blog articles, but their value is dubious since very few of them suit academic needs. From additional services, you could ask for attached copies of sources the writer uses in their paper, SMS notifications, or plagiarism report. The latter pissed me off. Such reports must be free and the firm lies to its customers by claiming it won’t be charging for it! In reality, a report costs an extra 15%. This is a lot. No generators or other writing tools are present.

wr1ter perks and features

What Do Rare Wr1ter Reviews Say?


I found no reviews on popular sites like TrustPilot or SiteJabber, or even Glassdoor. Reddit is also silent. I only managed to dig up one brief mention of this company.


wr1ter reddit reviews

This is the only Reddit comment mentioning Wr1ter. It is a response to OP who’s asking about a vacancy they found. It doesn’t sound good.

Wr1ter site

wr1ter site reviews

Wr1ter is the only site that seems to have Wr1ter reviews from customers! But are these reviews real? I don’t think so. Look at them: the firm posted photos and names of students with identically sounding comments. They all repeat the name of the domain, which is something advertisers do. And what real student is going to post their name and pic? This is a huge red flag of fakeness.

Social Media

wr1ter twitter reviews

The company only has a link to its Twitter, and it belongs to — you guessed it! — Alex Turner. It’s barely active, has just 30 followers and several suspicious reviews.

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Is Wr1ter legit?

Only barely so. While it seems to have been around for several years, it has no valid client reviews, no clear date of foundation and dubious social media.

Is Wr1ter safe?

No. The company places most of the responsibility on its clients, and if something happens, you might end up being on your own.

Is Wr1ter reliable?

Unfortunately, it is not. Its quality leaves a lot to be desired, its writers might not deliver the order timely, and its guarantees are weak.

Is Wr1ter a scam?

No, it is not scam: these writers will write your paper, but there is no guarantee it’ll have the quality you desire. You’ll be taking a gamble.


Writing experience
3 years of expirience
All subject areas
All subject areas
Single/double spaced papers
Single/double spaced papers
All academic formatting
All academic formatting


Money back guarantee
Money back guarantee


Writing experience
3-hours delivery option
Price calculator
Price calculator
Favorite writer option
Favorite writer option

Additional Features

Draft request option
Draft request option
Plagiarism check
Plagiarism check

Payment Methods

Master Card
American Express
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My deadline has passed and I did not receive anything yet. Customer support ignores me and my messages. What should I do?

avatar Meghan Wr1ter.com



So, the site looks appealing but the quality turned out to be somewhat bad - no reference page, no academic APA formatting...

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