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Short overview

Years in operation: 2
Minimal price: $10.00
Minimal deadline: 6 hours
Guarantees: 100% Money-Back Guarantee, Deadline Compliance, Zero Plagiarism, 24/7 Chat
Payment Methods:
Visa Master Card Discover American Express
Available Services: Essay Writing, Assessment, Dissertations, Coursework, eBook, Reflection, Speech, Quiz
Extra perks and features: Samples


I decided to start my work on WriteMyEssay.help review when I realized that more than ten of my visitors showed interest in this company. I understand since there were many ads about it recently, which always generates curiosity. WriteMyEssay.help hides the date of its creation. It appeared in 2020 since most reviews and its social media pages emerged around this time. It has a detailed website with contradictory information and offers cheap prices for essay writing. But is it reliable? Can you trust it to write a perfect essay? I placed an order to find out, and to say that my opinions were mixed is an underestimation.


  • Cheap prices for academic services
  • Friendly support team
  • Easy order placement process


  • Quality is underwhelming
  • Revisions take a lot of time
  • Fake WriteMyEssay.help reviews
  • Suspicious and vague policies
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Table of Contents

Website And Its Interface


If you have read the best essay writing service reviews before, you know that website plays an important role in a company’s reputation. It shows professionalism and whether it used good writers to fill its platform with content. My first impression of WriteMyEssay.help was mixed. It has a pic of a happy student holding her paper in her hands — the image is authentic, and I think students will relate to it. The coffee-like color scheme is also nice but quickly changes into brilliant white as you scroll down. I found this unimaginative and bothersome since the shift is overly abrupt. Besides, there are too many announcements popping up from all sides. You see when another person allegedly signs up or places an order. The fact that WriteMyEssay.help offers this info is concerning. It also doesn’t seem to be true since the same announcement keeps emerging randomly, so either many people from Houston keep placing their requests, or something is fishy.

Regarding the content itself, it’s mostly fluent and original. I felt like the person who wrote it felt genuinely invested in this website and wanted to present it from the best possible angle. Sometimes they overdid it, such as by using the word “ever” in caps in one section. I also noticed some contradictory details. For example, WriteMyEssay.help scoffs at the companies that ask for $10 for one page, calling them cheap and unprofessional. But it completely missed the fact that $10 is its minimal price, too! It claims that no client's personal info will make it to third parties, but this is a lie. The privacy policy explains it clearly: it has contacts with other parties and can send them the necessary information. Overall, this is a well-made site with solid content, but it has some minor flaws.

writemyessay website

How Many Academic Services & Samples Can You Find Here?


Write My Essay Help reviews that I read discussed various services. Some students ordered help with college applications, and others asked for dissertation assistance. This company caters to different tastes, something I appreciate. It supports an endless number of subjects and provides help even with projects like e-Book writing! This is a rare service that few agencies like this cover. You could order coursework, speech, thesis, assessment of a paper you wrote, online assignments, and other options. What bothered me was that I didn’t find editing or proofreading. These are common services, yet it doesn’t look like WriteMyEssay offers them. You need to speak with operators in advance to ensure you can order this kind of help.

When talented companies offer coursework help services to their clients, they might also add samples to their websites. Samples are free papers that are a product of expert writers. They serve as helpful guides and as an ad for cool writing services. If a student hesitates about paying, they can look through the sample collection and decide if they consider the papers there well-written. As I stated in my WriteMyEssay.help review; this company seems young. It has samples, but there are only 6 of them present. I think this number is too low. But what matters most is quality, so I picked a random one for analysis!

Title: Effects of Cultural Diversity on Performance of Virtual Teams

Length: 13 pages

Analysis: This sample has numerous grammar and academic problems. It doesn’t sound like its author is a native speaker. Sentences are endless, with the main idea dissolving in all this rambling. As you can see from the screenshot, the last paragraph looks big, but it has only two sentences in it! This breaks the academic rule of having at least three sentences per paragraph. Half of the sources are outdated.

Quality: Low

writemyessay sample

What Policies Told Me


No WriteMyEssay.help reviews talk about policies, and this isn’t surprising. Most students skip right over them, too impatient to give them a look. This could be a grave mistake since, as my experience in writing admission essay writing service reviews shows, inattentive clients often lose their money and quality at the same time. This company has some serious issues. For one thing, it doesn’t say much about refunds. It specifies that if a writer fails to deliver an essay on time, clients are entitled to a 100% refund, but that’s it. I did not mention returning your money in case of terrible quality or any other reason.

Then there is privacy. Is WriteMyEssay.help good at ensuring absolute confidentiality for its customers? No! It collects a wide array of info and acknowledges that it may share it with other people, including those responsible for marketing. If you choose to pay through PayPal, the company will gain access to your billing address, which is a cause for alarm. I didn’t feel comfortable with most of these policies.

How I Spoke With Operators


My chatting with customer support produced different results. Overall, I spoke with them about five times and was satisfied with the first three operators. They were helpful and attentive, answering my questions soon after I sent them. But the other two showed their teeth. They disliked my complaint about the bad essay. They tried to accuse me of sharing wrong instructions and even threatened to ban me from their website.

writemyessay support

Main Part of WriteMyEssay.Help Review: Quality Analysis


I wanted to see how the company works personally, so as always, I placed my online request. When I work on a dissertation writing services review for you, I usually order the entire project or the bigger part of it. Here, I asked for 5 pages of an argumentative essay on Philosophy. My deadline was 14 days — the ideal time for this kind of project. It cost me $50, which is a cheap price.

From good news, my essay arrived on time. This is likely a trend since other reviews of WriteMyEssay.help praise the timeliness of these services. But when I started reading, my mood soured.

The paper just wasn’t acceptable: according to Grammarly, it had over 500 language issues, especially with punctuation. The writer used great sources, and their academic structure was more or less fine, but the content wasn’t good. They ignored some points in favor of others. Instead of analyzing a theory, they dedicated more than half of their work to summarize it. Some topics appeared random. Grammar mistakes were annoying, just as the number of awkward turns of phrases. This wasn’t something I would submit as a student.

writemyessay quality

Quick Order Placement


Placing an order should be easy; since I wanted to craft a detailed WriteMyEssay.help review, I decided to outline each step. Unfortunately, unlike it is on other websites, this one doesn’t have an order form instantly visible. You need to click on the blue “order now” button in the upper right corner of the page to see it. Afterward, follow these steps:

  1. Share personal details & calculate price. Type your email, phone number, and select what essay type + academic level you need. Choose size and deadline. See the price in the right corner and decide if it’s acceptable.
  2. Provide more data about essay. Indicate how many sources you want your writer to use,
  3. Review info & pay for an essay. Check whether everything looks as it should. Select extra features if you need them (see them on a screenshot). They include summary, plag report, proofreading, etc. Choose your ideal payment method and pay the first half of order sum.
  4. Read your paper & for the rest. Pay the remaining sum or ask for revision.

writemyessay order placement

How Much Does This Writing Service Cost?


WriteMyEssay.help reviews didn’t complain about prices, and I can see why. They are really low, suspiciously so. $10 per page is not enough for a professional writer, but technically, it might be acceptable under certain conditions, so I decided not to take away points for this. Another interesting aspect is that this agency asks for 50% of money up front: students pay the remaining half after they receive their essays. I loved this approach. The smallest price is $10 for every type of task, be it an essay, assessment, quiz, presentation, etc.

Unfortunately, there is the lack of clarity regarding pricing. Website visitors don't have access to a price calculator and can't see the cost of the paper they consider ordering, unless they provide personal details. This approach is not transparent and is very inconvenient.

There are discounts on offer for new clients and those who luck out. For example, you might have to pay 50% less on Black Friday. Christmas time also seems to produce discounts.

writemyessay pricing

A Few Words About My Writer


Most reviews of WriteMyEssay.help praise writers, but I cannot do the same. My order was done badly. Sure, when I spoke with my expert, they sounded nice and eager to help, but their qualifications were lacking. I felt like English wasn’t their first language; they just didn’t know enough about my subject.

Do Revisions Work?


I ordered revision since, as you realized from my review of WriteMyEssay.help, I was unhappy with the results. The company offers free revisions, but you must place them immediately before paying 50% of the order sum. You also need to give your writer at least 12 hours. This is way too much for a bad paper! Most students have short deadlines, and they need results ASAP. My revision wasn’t effective. The paper still looked wrong and discussed random topics instead of the one I ordered. Language issues dropped in number, thesis got stronger, but this was still something I wouldn’t have been able to send to my professor if this assignment was real.

Academic Tools for Students


Unfortunately, this writing company offers no academic tools. Samples are the only perk you can count on. It’s upsetting but not that surprising, considering how short the experience of these experts is.

Poking at WriteMyEssay.help Reviews


Reviews reveal what people think about a service. Since the company is young, I found only some of them. Interestingly, most are posted on the same platform, which makes it suspicious. It’s rare for all students to favor one side and ignore others — this smells fake.


writemyessay sitejabber

All reviews here are of the same length. They sound similar and are 100% positive. Also, they clearly use marketing tactics. Look above: this comment mentions the price of $3 (!!!) per page. This is not true, and this number aims to attract more clients.


writemyessay trustpilot

Only three Write My Essay Help reviews here, one of them negative.

Social Media

The company has Facebook page, but it updates rarely and has no engagement. Same goes for its Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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Is WriteMyEssay.help legit?

No need to worry here; this company is legit. It provides real services, even though their quality might be dubious since the company lacks proper experience.

Is WriteMyEssay.help safe?

Not particularly. It shares info from clients with third parties, including advertisers, and it doesn’t guarantee refunds in cases of bad quality.

Is WriteMyEssay.help reliable?

No. Writers’ qualifications differ; not all are capable of good work. Your order might end up having abysmal quality.

Is WriteMyEssay.help scam?

This company isn’t a scam since it provides real academic services to its customers. It won’t simply disappear with your money, but it might not provide strong quality either.


Writing experience
2 years of expirience
All subject areas
All subject areas
All academic formatting
All academic formatting


Money back guarantee
Money back guarantee
DMCA protection
DMCA protection


Writing experience
6-hours delivery option

Additional Features

Payment Methods

Master Card
American Express
avatar Wren WriteMyEssay.help



This service is quite mediocre at best. My paper was a bit late and had a few mistakes.

avatar Jules WriteMyEssay.help



Some plagiarism was noted so they had to revise, but other than that it was good for last minute paper

avatar Robert WriteMyEssay.help



The previous essay I ordered from this site a few weeks ago was better written than the one I received recently

avatar Isabella WriteMyEssay.help



My essay was not plagiarized, which I was very happy about, but the fact that it was delivered with a delay of a couple of hours made me a little uncomfortable

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