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WritingElites.net promises unmatched quality papers, 100% original and plagiarism free papers, quick delivery on deadlines, customer satisfaction and privacy and confidentiality. They offer a wide range of services starting from high school level papers to PhD level papers. We assessed the service by looking at their site, viewing other testimonials and customer reviews, and identifying the pros & cons of their services. We also check to see if they are part of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). From an initial search, we found that they are part of the BBB, but that their customer reviews are not one-sided.

Writing Elites Services

Writing Elites focuses on academic writing, but they do have special services like biography writing and book reviews. We tried ordering a dissertation, which would have been written from scratch for an Art and Architecture course. The writer chooses the topic and title, but we input a 100-page order. For an 8-hour dissertation composition, which we know is extremely impossible, they charge about $5780. We changed the deadline to 14 days – again extremely impossible for an original dissertation – and the price lowered to $1955. That seems like too low a price for too quick a time to develop a dissertation.

Quality of Products/Writer

WritingElites promised that one writer will work on your dissertation, so it seems to us that they may be lying about their process. We then ordered the paper and waited for its return on the aforementioned deadline. We did receive the paper early – which clues us in on the time zone of the writer. We assume they are not from America. United Kingdom, maybe? But we cannot be sure, as we only talked to customer service representatives, which we know are outsourced individuals who are only reading out instructions and looking at the site database.

As we assessed the dissertation we received, we know from experience that it is from one of the most popular published dissertation samples on the internet. It was indeed plagiarism free, but it would not pass a manual plagiarism check from professors who are up-to-date on popular published dissertations. Grammar-wise, we found 30% errors out of the 100 pages we ordered.

For $1955, we feel that a student may not get their money’s worth. This is especially important considering that we asked for a PhD level paper and received a freshman level composition instead.

Prices and Ways of Payment

All payments are made through Paypal, which confirms they Moneyback Guarantee, since Paypal always resolves its refund disputes. In this regards, they delivered on their promise for security. However, we did find some issues with the home page pricing and the final computations. The prices placed there are not exactly computed as promised. For high school level papers, they promised at least $10 per page. After assessing the pricing computation on their form, it seems that any paper you order is double the price they promised – even with the 15% discount.


According to their site, they offer two types of discounts. A one-time discount, which is the 15% for first time users and the lifetime discounts. The latter is designed to keep you ordering more papers or ordering more expensive papers. If you spend more than $500 dollars, you get a 5% discount. If you spend more than $1000, you get 10% off. If you spend more than $2000, you get 15% off, which seems a bit sketchy because the discount lowered even if the price went up. Even with the discount, it seems that the lack of transparency of their prices still gives way to false advertising. There are no coupon codes or promo codes available.

Extra Treats

They offer free plagiarism checks from highly credible platforms. They promised manual checking from experts as well, but our experts caught their mistake early on. Although they said to report any signs of plagiarism, our findings would not have been acknowledged because of the manual assessment. They only recognize plagiarism checks from the same platforms they use.

Writing Elites also offers a revision policy for 14 days with strict parameters. The only problem is that this revision policy starts the moment you order your paper. If you ordered a paper with a 14-day deadline, you can only get it revised while it is being written.

Final Note

After assessing the quality of the paper we ordered and the payment structure of the site, we do not recommend using WritingElites, unless you do not care about quality. WritingElites.net is ideal for students who just want to pass a paper, but beware of plagiarism hits – especially manual ones. It is not fraud or scam, but be wary of the prices. Rating-wise, we give it a 4/10.

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    I appreciate that you are able to get assignments out quickly. The papers are written well. However, graduate-level writing can be improved. Graduate-level writing does not have "fill words."
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    the support team here are just all at sea. they know absolutely nothing about their own services! unacceptable and cant recommend to anyone
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    I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! My coursework was 100% OFF-TOPIC!!!!
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