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  • Pricing 3.7
  • Support 2.3
  • Quality 2.3
  • Delivery 3.7
  • Usability 3.0
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    Money back guarantee Money back guarantee 100% Privacy 100% Privacy All Subject Areas All Subject Areas SPSS Research SPSS Research Free Inquiry Free Inquiry All Formats All Formats Multimedia Projects Multimedia Projects 11+ years of writing experience 11+ years of writing experience Single/Double Spaced papers Single/Double Spaced papers MA/MS and Ph.D writers MA/MS and Ph.D writers Direct contact with the writer Direct contact with the writer Prices start with $20.00 Prices start with $20.00
  • Discounts: Review has been in operation since 2005, and its business model is a bit different from traditional online writing services. It is a company based in New York, specifically to serve college students, at both undergrad and grad levels. In conducting a review of this academic assistance agency, we have had to look at our normal review criteria a bit differently. But we have been able to locate many customer reviews posted on the web; we have reviewed the company website; we have reviewed the website content/information and have read a few blog posts on that site. In addition, we made a few purchases of homework answers and ordered a tutoring session (more on that later). Here are our objective assessments of this company.

Factor 1: Types of Writing Services Offered

24 Hour Answers does not provide writing products or services per se. Instead, it offers two basic types of help to students. First, students can request help with homework assignments, and this does include writing assignments. Second, students can request online tutoring from one of the employed tutors which, according to the company, hold graduate degrees in their tutoring fields.

Factor 2: Trust/Reliability

To determine this, we have to look at what customers have said about their experiences with the organization and our own experience as well.

Basically, most customers state that they do receive the homework help they request and those who have used the tutoring service are provided with a tutor for the help they need. We found the same to be true.

The issue here is the quality of help and service, which will be covered in the next section of this review.

At this point, we can state that 24HourAnswers is not a fraud or scam. Students do receive homework help and tutors once they make payment.

Factor 3: Level of Quality

There are definitely some issues related to quality. Many former customers state that they received homework help that was incomplete or inadequate. And to that we can also speak. We requested an argumentative essay and were provided resources and an outline, but no final essay. When we requested to have the essay completed, we were told we would have to pay more.

In terms of tutoring, we ordered one session in math. While we had good communication with our tutor, when we stated that we did not understand explanations, we were not provided with anything but the same explanation again. Now, this may vary with tutors, but we were not satisfied with ours. Other customers have stated the same, while others have been satisfied. It seems that it all depends on the individual tutor a student receives from

Factor 4: Pricing/Payment

There are no set 24 Hour Answers prices. Everything is negotiated between student and tutor. A student opens an account and poses a homework help question or need. Qualified tutors then present quotes, and the student chooses. The same goes for tutoring services. Students request tutoring in specific areas, and tutors supply pricing quotes. In general, however, tutoring services range between $25 - $45 per session.

Students can also buy pre-answered homework questions help that are published on the site. Prices for these range between $1.00 - $5.00. They are not original, and students cannot use written answers as they are.

Customers should not look for any discounts or any type of promo code for a reduction in price. All prices are negotiated.

Payment may be made via any major credit card or PayPal, and it is secure.

Factor 5: Additional Important Considerations

There really is no additional information to provide here. There is a blog with some interesting topics, but it has not been updated since 2016.

Concluding Comments

We are not “high” on this company. As we look at pros & cons, we find that homework and tutoring help quality is not consistent and that is definitely a “con.” There does not appear to be quality control in place.

We would caution students in using this service. We are providing a rating of Fair and do not recommend it.

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  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Usability
Alicia commented
My math problem wasn't solved in a correct way as my teacher said so I requested a refund. They refused, insisting on their solution being right and telling that they "just used a different approach". Now my paper is on a revision.. We'll see.
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Usability
Maria commented
If the company is called 24houranswers it doesn`t mean you will get an answer to your question within a day. I waited for 3 days till they decided to send an answer to my letter. And after such a beginning, I still ordered a paper from them. No surprises, it turned out to be awful. Not recommended at all.
Comments (1)
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    REPLY Hunter commented
    That's weird. At the first sight it looks attractive that they don't write your papers but give tips on how to do your work better since it certainly won't count as plagiarism even if someone finds out. On the other hand, it takes so much time since the tutor has office hours. I would have tried if the price was cheaper.
  • User comment image
    REPLY Roman commented
    They did my homework within a few days as promised but it was very poorly written, with a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. If you need quality research and writing you`d better look elsewhere.
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