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IWriteEssays Review, as far as we can tell, has been in business since 2014. That is as far back as we can find customer reviews, at least. We decided to prepare a review of the company, based upon some of the information we found on the web. The following is our summary.

Review Criteria

As with all writing services we review, we use specific criteria in evaluating quality and making recommendations. These include a thorough study of the content on the I Write Essays website, customer testimonials on that site, off-site customer reviews and feedback, an assessment of sample writing if available, main features and benefits, and our own evaluation of a piece of writing we order from IWriteEssays.

Factor 1: Types of Writing Services Offered

I Write Essays offers all types of academic writing at all academic levels. In addition to essays, papers, reports, and graduate level research projects, students may also order admissions, scholarship and personal statement essays, and editing services.

The business model is a bit unique in that the site posts prices; however, writers then also bid on orders placed on a job board of sorts. It is a bit confusing, but the end result is that the student is responsible for choosing his/her own writer, after looking at the bid options.

Factor 2: Trust/Reliability

We gauge trust by several factors, and these are our findings for

  • Customers state that they received their ordered works on time.
  • There are concerns on the part of customers about the backgrounds of the writers. While students are able to view these backgrounds, they complain that may be fake, based on the essays and papers they get. There are writers who claim a degree from Harvard or Princeton, but this is suspect, considering the cheap prices the site charges for writing.
  • We received our research paper on time and will discuss quality below.

We can certainly say that IWriteEssays is not a fraud or scam.

Factor 3: Level of Quality

We have to determine quality by the quality of content on the website, the samples of essays and papers, customer feedback, and the result of the paper we received. Here is our review related to this critical criterion.

  • Customers complain that the writing quality is that of someone who is not a native English-speaker. They specifically mention poor grammar, sentence fragments and run-ons, and incorrect word usage.
  • Other customers complain about the slow response when they ask for revisions and the quality of those revisions as well.
  • In reading through the site content and especially reviewing the sample writings the company has posted on its site, we can state that grammar and composition skills are lacking. We, too, doubt that the company writers are all native English-speaking and degreed professionals.
  • The research paper sent to us had a number of grammatical and structural errors. Those errors indicated that the piece was written by a non-native English speaker.
  • There were sample essays and blog posts on the site which also reflected poor English composition.

Factor 4: Pricing/Payment

I Write Essays prices are comparatively high, beginning at $12.50/page for a high school piece with a 20-day deadline to $48/page for graduate level writing with an urgent deadline. In reviewing site content, we noticed a statement that writing began for as low as $7.50/page, and we assumed this was due to discounts. However, we found no indication of a discount or a promo code to enter as a new customer. And, on the order form, there was no field to enter coupon codes for any type of price break. We paid full price for our 8-page paper - $216 with a 7-day deadline. For students who can provide at least a 20-day deadline, the pricing is much cheaper.

We made payment with a credit card, and it was securely processed, so no worries there.

Factor 5: Additional Important Considerations

If students are looking for lots of additional benefits, they will be disappointed. The company does provide free title, bibliography, and outline pages, and insists that all pieces are proofread and checked for plagiarism. There are fee-based upgrades, including a limitation that only writers in the subject field be given an opportunity to bid. This causes concern, because it means that someone with an English degree could bid on a biology research paper. For the price being paid, this should not happen.

Factor 6:  Concluding Comments

I Write Essay is not a BBB member, so we were unable to check on consumer feedback through that organization. As we look at pros & cons, though, we have several concerns about this service. While it certainly fills orders, and sends its customers writing products, quality is not worth the price that is paid. And support and revisions are a hassle. We assign a rating of only “Fair.” There are better options at lower prices.

IWriteEssays Review

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