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MyEssayWriter Review

Short overview

Years in operation: 1
Minimal price: $11.00
Minimal deadline: 1 hour
Guarantees: 24/7 Customer Support, Guaranteed Privacy, Revisions, Money-Back Guarantee, No Plagiarism
Payment Methods:
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Available Services: Academic Essays, Research Papers, Case Studies, Critical Reviews, Presentations, Speech, Outlines, Reflections, Editing, Proofreading, etc.
Extra perks and features: Samples, Partly Available Free AI Writing Tools


The decision to write review was spontaneous. Usually, I collect my readers' opinions and hunt down companies based on their recommendations, but this time, I stumbled upon my new research subject by myself. MyEssayWriter is an extremely new agency. It’s barely a year old, as it appeared sometime in 2023; the earliest reviews about it date back to September, which doesn’t inspire much trust. It’s difficult to survive in a fierce academic market, and MyEssayWriter decided to arm itself with a dubious advantage. It’s focused on AI writing; students can hire real writers if they want, but the website's main attraction is its collection of various AI writing tools. It has acceptable prices, vague policies, and inefficient customer support. The reviews from other clients seem positive, but I didn’t have the same good impression upon closer inspection. Still, I wanted the full picture, so I placed my order. For more details, see my review below.


  • Good website color combination
  • Free tools partly available
  • Seemingly low prices


  • Suspicious reviews
  • Weak customer support
  • Bad essay writing quality
  • Ambiguous policies
Top 3 services
Table of Contents

Observing Interface and Formulating First Impressions


When I first visited the website of MyEssayWriter, I had a mixed impression. On the one hand, I loved the deep green shades that have 3D quality: the site instantly sucks you in, immersing you in its depths. On the other hand, the green ends pretty quickly, replaced by boring white colors. The website's content has flaws, including grammar and punctuation issues, and it makes dubious statements without supporting them. For example, My Essay Writer AI claims that such popular networks as NBC featured it in their news, but no link could allow verifying it. I tried to Google it, but I found no such mentions. Are they true? There is no way to tell.

Another element that I felt wary of is such an intense focus on AI. Connecting AI writing tools with essays for students is a terrible idea because it creates wrong expectations. The truth is anything generated by machines cannot compare to custom papers done by experts. Just because a text might look smooth and dedicated to your topic doesn’t mean it has any academic value. The creators of understand it because they also offer the services of real writers — the problem is, they do it so awkwardly that not everyone can find it. You need to click “try free” and find the relevant option in the list. It’s just not convenient.

myessaywriter review

Which Paid Services and Free Samples Are Available


The first and major service that MyEssayWriter is offering is AI tools. You can try them for free, but the text you request will be shown partly: if you want more, pay for it. Custom essay writing seems diverse: the company offers to help you with any task, be it proofreading, editing, dissertation writing, term papers, presentations, research, speeches, etc. In reality, from what I observed during my review, these writers cannot tell the difference between these assignments. They conflate editing with proofreading and don’t pay attention to the education level you request. If you ask for an essay for university, you might end up with high school gibberish.

The second point of my interest was the presence of samples. All the best essay writing services have them on offer without asking for money: students read them, get valuable ideas, and see how efficient they are. MyEssayWriter also has a very small collection: just 47 examples of papers generated by AI and nothing from the actual writers. I still decided to take a look.

Title: Comparison of Traditional Education vs. Online Education

Length: 2 pages

Analysis: This paper perfectly demonstrates why AI essays will never get a passing grade. Sure, it seems engaging, but it uses first-person pronouns, has no thesis, and most importantly, doesn’t cite any research. In most cases, a paper with no citations will get an automatic failing grade. Its ideas, while interesting, are basic and suitable only for someone from school.

Quality: Low to Medium

myessaywriter sample

Service Policies: What Promises Students Receive


All MyEssayWriter reviews stay silent about this company's policies. To arrive at objective conclusions, I had to study them by myself. When hiring human experts and being unhappy with their work, MyEssayWriter offers refunds within 30 days of delivery. This is good, but getting money is almost unreal unless you cancel your order before the managers find a writer for you. Even if your paper is late, you will only get a fraction of what you paid.

Returning your money for AI tools is possible within seven days and only if you haven’t used them once. Again, this is unreasonable. How can you know the tool is worth your money without testing it? Privacy policies also alarmed me. claims that it’ll protect your data, but it is not responsible for the policies of the third parties it uses. The lack of clarity and vague statements are worrisome, especially in a young company. I was displeased with these policies.

Disastrous Interactions with Customer Support


MyEssayWriter has a chat that works 24/7. Students can speak with its operators whenever they want, and I had a positive opinion at first. My first operator introduced himself by his first and last name, which gave me more certainty regarding his authenticity, and then he offered to help me. We discussed my essay, and this guy seemed sweet and understanding. The problems came after I placed an order. I ran into several problems, and every time I tried to speak to customer support, I faced rudeness, avoidance, or completely unsustainable answers. Once they had my money, the company’s representatives lost all interest in me. This is completely unacceptable. I gave MyEssayWriter two stars in this category only thanks to its first wonderful operator.

myessaywriter support

My Essay Writer AI Review: Essay Quality Analysis


I ordered 4 pages from MyEssayWriter with a 2-week deadline, on a college level, paying $56 for it. This was a good price. The reviews from other clients were positive, and while I doubted their veracity, I was looking forward to getting an equally pleasing experience. Alas, this was not what happened. My writer delivered the paper on time, and my heart soared when I read the first lines. They sounded good despite the annoying language issues. But then the first suspicions arose, and the more I read, the bigger they got.

Soon enough, I realized that My Essay Writer AI delivered an AI-generated paper. Maybe the writer also contributed to it - they sure seemed to add their incorrect edits, but the bulk came from a machine. I saw the same flat text with no educational insights, citations, or proper academic structure in this company’s samples. This wasn’t a paper for college students; my requests weren’t considered, and the writer didn’t bother using any sources. I was shocked and horrified by such an unprofessional approach.

myessaywriter quality

Instructions for Placing an Order


To place an order, you need to get a account. It’s seemingly easy, but some frustrating problems pop up.

  1. Registering and offering initial details. You have to type your email, phone number, the number of pages you want your paper to have, and specify your deadline plus your academic level.
  2. Share more info. Traveling to the next page might be problematic. My page reloaded randomly several times; once, it took me to the very beginning. The site is clearly broken in some areas and needs amendments. The next stage involves sharing more data about your essay and uploading files.
  3. Review information. At this point, I felt like the order placement process became too long. I reviewed all the info and moved on to pay for my essay under the same login. The first 50% goes to the writer immediately, and the second part arrives after they deliver your order.
  4. Speak with your writer. You can talk to a person who’ll be writing your paper. Do it and wait for results. Note that your writer might be overly familiar and unprofessional in their attitude because it happened to me.

myessaywriter order

Prices for Essays and AI Tools


Students who hire the best dissertation writing services hope to save up. With, it seems possible. Unfortunately, it shows only the rates for essay writing and tools — if you need any other service, the costs are unclear. The available prices are low:

Services Minimal Price per Page
Essay writing $11
Proofreading n/a
Editing n/a
Basic AI tool access $9.99

You could also buy a yearly package and enjoy unlimited AI tools usage. The problem with all these options is that the price-quality ratio is inappropriate. You won’t find quality papers no matter what writer you hire or which package you request.

myessaywriter prices

Speaking and Working with My Writer


I didn’t know how to rate my writer because I wasn’t sure whom to assess, a human or the AI tool. The human writer sounded abrupt and frustrating; they promised quality results but didn’t deliver them. I cannot give any rating to something a person didn’t write. Also, writers' profiles are available to visitors, but if you try to click on them, you won’t see anything. They are just empty pictures.

myessaywriter writers

The Truth about Revisions


Is legit in the sense of accepting accountability for its mistakes? To my shock and frustration, the answer turned out to be negative. This company offers refunds and cancellations, which aren’t that reliable, and that’s it. Its policies say nothing about revisions; its website mentions that they exist, but when I tried to request one, I had to argue and wait until someone agreed to help me. Even then, the revised paper was barely better than the first version of it. It was still an AI product with proofreading issues. My disappointment in these services increased tenfold after this.

The Range of Academic Tools for Students


You can use such tools as an AI writer, outline generator, and paraphraser for free. They don’t work badly, but their usage is limited. For instance, you can generate a text with the help of AI only once, and even then, only a part of it will be shown to you. This is not particularly useful.

Dissecting Online Reviews


When students require the best essay proofreading services or look for professional writers, they check reviews first. I did the same, and I have to say, the reviews about MyEssayWriter all look fake. There are too many of them for such a young company, and they all sound suspicious.


myessaywriter sitejabber

There are 155 reviews on this site, almost all positive. They sound nearly identical: a few lines of empty praise and a lack of details. Even a comment with a negative rating has only positive content, which is a huge red flag indicating deception. Managers want to make it look like their company has negative reviews for authenticity but cannot afford to fill it with negativity.


Unfortunately, there are no reviews about this provider on TrustPilot.

Social Media

MyEssayWriter has a Facebook account with some more fake reviews from people with empty accounts. Its X account is mostly empty and abandoned, and its Instagram is inactive.

Show Me Your Top Services


Can I rely on MyEssayWriter for writing my paper?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to call reliable. It can generate AI content for you, but it will look exactly like what it is: something done by a non-human. Its human writers aren’t much better: they lack qualifications and knowledge.

How legit is MyEssayWriter as a writing service?

I wouldn’t call this company legit just yet. It’s not even a year old, and its quality leaves much to be desired. It also over-relies on AI tools, meaning that the quality of your order will always face the risk of being compromised.

Is MyEssayWriter a trustworthy company?

It is somewhat trustworthy. The company can generate a piece of AI content like promised, and it guarantees to protect your privacy, but it admits to using third parties that it doesn’t provide much info on. This is potentially dangerous.

Does MyEssayWriter provide a quality service?

No, as my review of showed, this company doesn’t deliver high-quality papers. Its writers are underqualified and seem to rely on AI in their works. Revisions are next to impossible to get.


Writing experience
1 years of expirience
All subject areas
All subject areas
All academic formatting
All academic formatting


Money back guarantee
Money back guarantee
DMCA protection
DMCA protection


Writing experience
1-hours delivery option
Live chat
Live chat

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