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Rephraser.net Review

Rephraser.net is not a writing service in the traditional sense. This is a company that focuses solely on re-writing, not on crafting original writing products for its customers. Our review of Rephraser, though, has taken into account the same factors that we always use – the information provided on the website, customer testimonials, the offered products and services, prices and discounts, other benefits, and, most important, the quality of products, as evaluated by off-site customer reviews and comments submitted by users of our site. We also assessed our own experiences with customer support. This is what we found.

Factor 1: Services Offered

Rephraser markets its services to academic and business customers who have found writing pieces that they like. They want to use the ideas and concepts but want “new” pieces to be attributed to themselves as the authors. And so, they want someone to re-write them so that they will not be charged with plagiarism (by an instructor or original writer),

Enter Rephraser.net. This company takes orders from students and business professionals who upload the pieces they want re-written and then uses its employed writers to re-write them.  According to the company, they then perform a final check for plagiarism and deliver the finished pieces back to those customers.

According to Rephraser, all re-writing is completed manually, not through the use of “spinning” software. The company offers its re-writing to anyone, not just students, although students are obviously a big chunk of its business.

Factor 2: Prices

It is difficult to compare the pricing of Rephraser with other writing services because they do not craft original writing from scratch. Those who are considering using their services will need to submit their requests and receive a cost before submitting their orders. Pricing seems to be based on the type of document to be re-written, the complexity of the terminology that may be involved, and the deadline – anywhere from 6 hours to 7 days.

One customer stated that he ordered the re-writing of an 8-page research paper which was pulled from an internet database, and his price was $67.14 with a 7-day deadline. Had he requested a 6-hour deadline, it would have been $201.41. This shows you the vast difference in pricing. And it can be an indicator that the re-writing is really being done manually.

Payment methods are safe through the use of a secured, SSL-certified processor. Customers can feel comfortable providing their bank card financial information.

Factor 3: Discounts and Additional Features

There are two offers for discounts – 20 or 25%, though we are not sure how that is determined.  Customers are given a promo code on the site and there are evidently other coupon codes for higher discounts, but we could not find them. Customer service agents told us they would be advertised if we kept coming to the site to find them.
There are not a lot of additional features offered by this site – the business model is simple. You place an order, upload the piece you want re-written, and they deliver it back to you. If you want changes to the final draft you receive, these will be done too. And every customer gets a plagiarism report to show that the re-written piece will pass a plagiarism scan.

Factor 4: Customer Support and Site Usability

Agents can be contacted around the clock by phone and live chat. We did so. We were told the same things that the site content stated. Digging in for more detailed answers, we were told to check the FAQ link on the site.

The site itself is easily navigated and very simple. This is because the service focuses only on one activity – re-writing existing content to make it “original.” There are samples of re-writing, and we did review a couple of them. They were adequate, but some were missing solid thesis statements and paragraph topic sentences. Transitions in some cases were awkward too.

Factor 5: Writers

The company states that all of its writers hold degrees and have plenty of experience in writing and editing. We have no reason to doubt this, except when we assess the quality of what those writers deliver.

There are customer reviews which claim that the re-writing is flawed and that, in some instances, it does not pass the plagiarism scan that their institutions use. Their other complaints run along the same lines as the samples we reviewed – structural problems, lack of thesis statements and topic sentences, and awkward grammatical constructions. A few complained that transitions between paragraphs were non-existent. Word usage errors suggest “spinning” or the use of ESL writers. 

Certainly, Rephraser.net is a legal writing service that is reliable in terms of delivery. It does deliver orders and delivers them on time. And it will accept revision requests and take care of them. The question is one of quality. We also must note that this company does not have a BBB membership, something we do like to see.


There is probably a place for trusted re-writing services in this industry. And that re-writing should be done manually. As we look at the pros & cons of RePhraser.net, though, we have concerns about quality and the claim that all of their work is done manually. We have therefore given the company an overall rating of “3.” If you order a product from them, you will need to run your own plagiarism scan and review the piece very carefully.

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    I appreciate that you are able to get assignments out quickly. The papers are written well. However, graduate-level writing can be improved. Graduate-level writing does not have "fill words."
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    the support team here are just all at sea. they know absolutely nothing about their own services! unacceptable and cant recommend to anyone
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    I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! My coursework was 100% OFF-TOPIC!!!!
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