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SameDayEssay.com Review

At first glance, SameDayEssay.com seems to have it all together when it comes to providing students from high school through Ph.D. programs with their online writing needs. And the company boasts some amazing turnaround times for those in urgent need.

According to the Same Day Essay website, the company has been in business since 2010, and in doing our research and study for this review, we have been able to locate customer reviews and comments on the service that go back to 2012. In conducting this review, we have looked at the website content, the testimonials and information about writers provided on the website, pricing, customer service, benefits, and the quality of samples the company provides. We also evaluated a couple of essays that Same Day Essay delivered to customers. 

In general, we are looking for safe and reliable writing services that can be trusted to provide the quality of the product and support that customers need. We have added up the pros & cons, and have summarized them in this review.

Factor 1: Services Offered

SameDayEssay limits its products and services to academia. As such, it serves students from high school through Ph.D. programs. Students can order anything from essays and research papers to case studies, lab reports, book reviews, presentations, theses and dissertations. It also provides editing and proofreading services. Same Day Essay guarantees custom original writing that conforms to all detailed instructions of the customer. An additional offering is college admissions and personal statement essays for grad school admissions.

Factor 2: Prices

Samedayessay.com prices are well within the average range for writing services. Costs begin at $11.30/page for a basic high school essay and graduate to $44.95/page at the Ph.D. level. Pricing is based upon the product, academic level of customer, and deadline urgency. One customer states his cost for a college-level research paper of 8 pages was $143.60 before adding a promo code for a 15% discount.

Payment for orders is completed when the order form is submitted. It can be by any major credit card or PayPal. A secure third-party processor is used for this, so customers can feel safe providing their financial information.

Factor 3: Discounts and Additional Features

Same Day Essay does not have a comprehensive discount program with coupon codes, etc. Instead, it offers a bonus program. For each order placed, the customer receives 10% of that order cost placed on the account. This may be used to offset the cost of a future order. But a new customer will receive a 15% initial discount.
We did not find additional features on the site, although we saw that we were not charged for our title or bibliography page, so we assume they are free.

Factor 4: Customer Support and Site Usability

The SameDayEssay site is simple and direct. There is not a great deal of text on the main pages – About Us, Prices and Discounts, and How It Works. There are footer pages that briefly give detail about ordering essays and papers. The site loads quickly and also includes sample writings and a blog, as well as some company policies about revision, privacy, etc.

We contacted customer support via phone and live chat. The agents are obviously ESL, and we were unable to get detailed answers to some of our questions. We question whether this site is fully manned by English-speaking pros because the people we talked to were obviously foreign. We were also promised a full 200-page Ph.D. dissertation within seven days – that’s a huge stretch and probably exaggerated.

One positive here – customers do state that they have contact with their writers and that when they have requested revisions, these are completed. In this sense, Same Day Essay seems to be reliable.

Factor 5: Writers

Same Day Essay states that all of its writers hold Master’s and PH.D. degrees. Given this, we expected quality to be high. We were disappointed.

  • We reviewed one lengthy sample of a dissertation. First, it was only 40 pages long, far too short for a dissertation. Second, the dissertation in question is not original. It is contained in several other places on the web. There is thus no way of knowing who really wrote it
  • Former customers who placed review comments on the web were disappointed with the quality of writing and the fact that resources were old and outdated. Many stated they were sure they had a foreign writer
  • Customers do state they receive their orders on time and do have communication with their assigned writers. Some state that they have had to request revisions, sometimes more than once, and that their writers did try to get those done
  • At one point, the company says that all of its writers are located in the U.S. and UK; at another, it states that writers are all located in the U.S. This inconsistency is a “red flag” for us

While Same Day Essay is certainly a legal writing service, we cannot say that it provides superior scholarly writing. Further, there is no BBB membership, something we do like to see.


Quality of research and writing is not what we would expect of a professional service that has been in business this long, especially one that boasts only MA and PH.D. English-speaking writers. There are other services that do better. Overall, we are assigning a rating of 2. For the money, there are services that provide higher quality.

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    I appreciate that you are able to get assignments out quickly. The papers are written well. However, graduate-level writing can be improved. Graduate-level writing does not have "fill words."
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    the support team here are just all at sea. they know absolutely nothing about their own services! unacceptable and cant recommend to anyone
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    I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! My coursework was 100% OFF-TOPIC!!!!
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