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StudyClerk Review

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to find a good essay writing service, particularly when you have a multitude of them going around. One website that often comes up is StudyClerk, a website that many people are seeing on the internet and are wondering: is this website any good?

We have decided to see that for ourselves. Due to the multitude of requests that we received to make this review, we began to gather data and see whether it was worth it or not. Here is what we found out:

Review Criteria

Each website that we are reviewing goes through a certain degree of scrutiny. In the end, when we determine whether or not a website is worth the price, we try to determine whether or not a website may meet the following conditions:

  • The papers are of a high quality so that the students may rely on them
  • The ordered product is delivered on time, by the deadline selected
  • The prices and discounts are competitive in comparison to other services
  • The design is safe and easy enough to navigate, regardless of their computer skills
  • The attention to financial security
  • Their customer service and their attention to detail
  • The array of services provided based on what you need

To determine whether Study Clerk can be trusted or not, keep reading our review. We will determine all the pros & cons for you.

Factor 1: Types of Services Provided

Study Clerk seems to provide a wide array of writing services by type, as you go onto their website. Their dropdown menu takes you from standard high school and college essays to research papers, scholarship essays, along with thesis and dissertation services – and so on.

The problem here is that the drop-down menu is rather confusing, with categories that do not seem well-defined. Unless you click on each one of them, you might not be able to immediately find the type of service that you are looking for.

Factor 2: Reliability

In terms of reliability and reputation, it depends on what you are looking for – and what your definition of “reliability” is. Granted, most of the students that made an order on did say that they received a paper for what they paid – their testimonials saying that they received a good quality paper in return. However, their BBB rating is not among the best.

We are suspicious, however, how there aren’t any TrustPilot customer reviews of this website. Certain reviews expressed the same concerns. We did, however, find some independent reviews that spoke of the reliability of this website. In most cases, you did receive a paper – but the quality of it is often questionable and coming at high risk.

They do provide 24/7 customer support that you may contact at all times – and according to several customer reviews, they are quite prompt with their answer. That said, their answers are not always as reliable, and they are very vague half the time. That is probably because while they have been trained to answer inquiries about papers, they can’t always help with inquiries regarding your paper. 

Reliability is further placed under scrutiny in every review when you consider the money-back guarantee. To put it simply, you have a short guarantee – but to receive your money back, you will need to upload your graded paper. If you can’t or if your professor delivers your grade past their “window of return,” then you will no longer be able to get a refund.

Factor 3: Level of Quality

As mentioned, there are a few reviews on Reddit that express complaints in regards to the level of quality. To determine this, we looked at the writers. What we noticed is that the “hire writers” section of the page allows you to see the experience of the writers, along with the reviews that they received. Among those writers, you may also make your choice.

That said, what we cannot be completely certain about is whether those profiles are fake or not. By looking at their pictures and their credentials, everything seems trustworthy and professional; however, judging by the quality of the papers, we have reason to believe that those writers are not as professional as they want us to believe. This was further proven to us by the poor grammar level.

Factor 4: Pricing and Payment Option

The prices are fairly high on this essay writing service, which is why students are typically quite skeptical about placing an order here. The website works on a bidding system, which means that you will place your order, and the writer will place a bid on your paper.

Prices start at $18 per page, and the cost will go higher, the more requirements you have. For example, if you want to for a premium or a platinum writer, you will have quite the hefty price difference to pay. There are no discounts, coupon codes, or even a promo code on their website.

In terms of payment, you can go for VISA and MasterCard here. This is a bonus, as there are likely the most common options worldwide. However, it would have been nice if they added other alternatives as well – for example, PayPal. In terms of transactions, however, it is safe and legal.

Additional Information

There is not a lot to add about this website. They do say that they offer plagiarism-free papers, but they do not say whether or not you receive a plagiarism report. They may as well give you the paper as it is, basing it on the fact that you’ll take their word on it.

You also have a blog on their website if you are looking for some extra tips and tricks. Many of those blogs feature topics on a variety of essays. It might be useful if you need a paper, and you are totally at a loss for ideas. All you have to do is to take a look at a blog, take an idea for a topic, and then open a bid based on what you found.


In the end, while this might not be the worst website out there, and while there isn’t any proof of scam or fraud going around, we still would not recommend that you use this website. You might get a passing grade, and it is secured – but if you want a higher one, you might want to consider an alternative.


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All academic formatting
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All subject areas


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Money back guarantee
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Safe personal data


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Plagiarism check

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