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StudyDriver Review By Expert Writers

Starting with our StudyDriver review, we have already heard about this company in the past since it provides a plethora of free essay examples. Still, when something is offered in an open manner like that, it brings up obvious concerns regarding plagiarism risks and general quality. As an expert team that is not affiliated with any company, we aim to let you know whether something is safe to use. Testing every vital point just like you would, we review all pros and cons to save you time, offering benefits of staying safe! 

Study Driver Review Criteria 

Starting with placing an order online to final analysis, our experts study available features, prices, grammar, style, plagiarism. We evaluate online reviews, provided samples, navigation, timely delivery, and customer support among other things. As this StudyDriver review was composed, we compared what’s discovered to other services that have been explored by our experts. It helps us stay impartial as the final verdict is given. 

StudyDriver Review Samples Database 

studydriver essay types

The first thing that instantly catches one’s eye is a multitude of essay samples that are free to consult. We would not recommend downloading them since these can be seen by anyone. It increases plagiarism risks, which is why essay examples at must be used for consulting purposes only! 

  • Navigation: easy to find samples based on what's required by subject or essay type. Some categories are labeled wrong. 

  • Access: free to read, yet copy-protected. 

  • Categories: it contains over 3270 different categories. 

  • Samples Originality: Plagiarized. 

As may be seen below: 

studydriver samples uniqueness

4 StudyDriver Review Essay Samples Analysis 

Before proceeding with original order, it was decided to evaluate four essay examples on different subjects. It helps determine overall quality, originality percentage, style, and formatting. 

Title: Children Growing Up In a Violent Family 

Category: Domestic Violence Essay

Type: Argumentative Essay 

Words: 4161 

Plagiarism: 18% unique. 

This example is only 18% original as one may see from aforementioned report. It lacks originality of ideas and contains numerous weak or run-on sentences. Grammar structure could also be improved, as almost every sentence is either incomplete or confusing. 

studydriver essay sample analysis

Title: Should Students Have to Wear School Uniforms? 

Category: Education Essay. 

Words: 904 

Plagiarism: 24% unique 

Many Study Driver reviews mention poor English that they encounter as they receive final assignments. This essay sample is perfect proof of poor grammar, as this paper has been written by someone who is not a native speaker. The grammar mistakes are present in every sentence. Regarding structure, it suddenly includes the first person, which is not always advisable for research papers.

studydriver essays sample analysis

Title: Adventure of Hucklberry Finn 

Category: Literature Essay

Type: Book Review 

Words: 549

Plagiarism: 12% unique 

Choosing something different this time, our review experts have once again noted numerous grammar mistakes with no proofreading. This paper has not been edited and contains no clear references or quotes that would be essential for a book review. Even the paper’s title (adventure vs adventures) is incorrect! 

studydriver essay samples analysis

Title: Fostered or Forgotten? 

Category: Society Essay 

Words: 1630 

Plagiarism: 56% unique. 

This paper has an interesting structure but needs some editing as it jumps between several ideas in the same paragraph. Grammar is much better here. Originality is higher as well. Presence of good sources with page numbers shows that some samples are worth checking for inspiration.

studydriver essay example analysis

Quality of Samples: Low (plagiarism, grammar mistakes, no editing or sources).  

Summary: Summing things up for our review of Study Driver, it can be said that the majority of offerings are weak and must be avoided because of major grammar omissions and lack of proper academic structure. When you need to see what an argumentative essay must be like, these examples can be influential and helpful. Copying parts of it should be avoided for your academic safety. 

The Types of Writing Services Offered 

StudyDriver offers basic essay writing or editing services. What makes things difficult is their bidding system, which means that you won’t ever know how much to pay, as they set an average. Placing our Psychology order, our price was meant to be $18 per page, but ended up with $22 without any additional services. Their ordering page is an exact formula of EduBirdie. It brings up certain reliability concerns. Many reviews also mention this similarity and lack of a clear price calculator. 

Their editing services are performed in as little as six hours, while their writing can be delivered in three hours. Our paper has been delivered on time, yet editing took much longer. Although they offer paper samples, there is nothing mentioned about terms of use or how exactly thousands of papers became available online. 

Trust & Reliability 


studydriver contacts

StudyDriver is operated by RATATATA LTD, which is the company that is behind EduBirdie and many other clones that we have encountered in the past. They are registered in Bulgaria, but provide an American phone number that can be reached. 

What has left a negative impression as we composed this StudyDriver review is their lack of refunds. Asking for a money-back feature, we have been told that their QA inspector will check whether something is wrong. In most cases, they are the ones to decide. Even late delivery problem has not been addressed! 

Their free revision and discounts do not work as promised because our writer has been busy, and we had to wait for someone else to edit our assignment. Looking at the best essay writing service review pages, you will not encounter such issues as quality aspects are resolved at least 50/50.  

Level of Quality Based on Our Experience & StudyDriver Reviews

Our cooperation with StudyDriver has been mostly negative since our order contained plagiarism, grammar issues, and lack of APA formatting that has been mentioned. As we studied online feedback, it was either a hit or miss because company’s writers are not all native English speakers. Our assignment has been an unfortunate case. 

Turning to dissertation editing services reviews, StudyDriver is not mentioned in most lists, which can be explained by looking at four samples we have reviewed. Verified reviews of StudyDriver also mention their lack of proofreading and mistakes in aspects like bibliography formatting or MLA titles. Contacting company’s customer service has resulted in almost an hour of waiting and another writer who could not understand what had to be done. StudyDriver must address this issue immediately, or they risk ruining every assignment they aim to deliver. 

Pricing & Payment 

This is where things get complex and unreliable. According to StudyDriver webpage, they support Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. For this review of StudyDriver, we have paid $44 for two pages. It was “best available writer” as our experts decided against paying 10% more for their “Premium” writers. As they don’t offer any special features except for $9.99 for best writer’s selection, it is not worth it. 

studydriver payment

Additional Important Considerations 

StudyDriver also offers essay topic generator, plagiarism checker, and title page maker. It’s quite surprising that they offer a plagiarism checker, yet fail to provide originality. Their essay topic generator is a good tool that helps when one is feeling stuck. 

studydriver features

As we wrote this review, our experts have checked our paper via their free service. It has shown 29% originality, which could have been done by our writer. As we mentioned this problem, company’s customer support said that we have asked for ten sources, which explains the problem (in their opinion). It’s very far from being professional.

studydriver testimonials

Contrary to positive testimonials provided on company’s webpage, our experience has been mostly negative. While some samples may help, placing an order is most likely to result in late delivery, higher than average prices, and lack of good writing mechanics or style. As our review experts could conclude, dealing with writers that come from all over the world, hoping for native speakers with verified academic credentials should not be expected. 

Our Final Verdict 

Considering every evaluation point for this StudyDriver review, we can give this service only 4 out of 10 stars. Regardless if you require college admission essay writers or seek someone who could compose a perfect nursing reflective journal, StudyDriver is far from being safe. High levels of plagiarism and lack of decent grammar places this in a category of essay mills. The only good worth mentioning is essay database that may provide you with helpful ideas if you are lucky. 




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