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PayMeToDoYourHomework Review

We are not certain exactly how long has been in business, but we have become aware of this company only within the past year. A number of our site users have asked for a PayMetoDoYourHomework review because they have expressed concerns about the products and services they have received. To conduct this review, we have looked at customer testimonials that have been published on the site, as well as customer reviews that have been submitted to us and that we have found on the web. We have also studied the website, the services offered, the prices that are charged for various services, and any other benefits and perks that are offered. The following reflects all that we have found.


PayMeToDoYourHomework offers a wide array of homework assignment products and services. These include the normal academic assignments of essays and papers, but, as well, taking quizzes, tests, and even final examinations. One unique feature is that it offers to take online classes for students and guarantees an “A” or a “B” for anything it produces. This is a pretty hefty promise.

Quality of Products/Writers

The only way we can judge quality is through the information the website provides, samples if they are available, and PayMeToDoYourHomework review comments that customers have provided. We also ordered a short research paper to judge quality first-hand.

Here is where the issues begin. While the website is well-written and organized, and while the blog posts reflect excellent grammar and composition, customers who have received written products complain about quality. Complaints include the following:

  • Poor research resources that are not of the level that students need

  • Poor quality of writing

  • Lack of responsiveness when revisions have been requested

  • Not receiving an “A” or “B” as promised

The short research paper we ordered did reflect some similar issues. And the additional problem was that we could only contact the company via email or live chat. Neither was responsive to our concerns. We were told that someone would get back to us, but that never happened. There is no phone number for contact.

Prices and Payment Options prices are based on the type of product or service offered. Academic writing begins at $29/page and graduates based upon deadline requirement and type of product. Taking an online course begins at $79; quizzes and tests begin at $49 and a final will cost $119. When comparing academic writing costs to those of other writing services, we find Pay Me to Do Your Homework well above average.


We were not able to find any promo code for new customers nor any coupon codes for special pricing or for loyal customers.

Payment methods include all major credit cards, and methods of payment are fully secure.

Customers should not look for discounts from this company.

Extra Treats

In short, there are none. Customers will be provided a cost, and that cost is final. There are no free pages, plagiarism checks, or revisions promised to customers. We find this disappointing because customers do not have recourse when they are unhappy.

Final Note

Pay Me to Do Your Homework is certainly not a fraud or scam. Customers will receive products and services for their orders. However, as we look at pros & cons, we have to point to the exaggerated claims for high grades and the complaints about quality. Further, we find no BBB membership. Unfortunately, our rating of this service is “poor.”

Customer Reviews of “”
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Usability
Ruby commented
They are super expensive and their approach to estimating the cost for work is somewhat weird. You are supposed to pay over $100 for a project but break it into three essays and you have it for a little bit more than $80 done by a native (they say so).
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Usability
Randy commented
This website reminds me of a baking club something. They look super friendly and personalized. Unfortunately, it turned out to be just another marketing trick. My research paper was fully comprised of quotes and citations from wikipedia and youtube. I don't think it can be called an adequate research and considering their prices - huge no.
Comments (2)
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    REPLY Danny commented
    They mean when say on their website that they usually do the work within 24-48 hours. I needed an urgent paper and asked them to do it in 6 hours deadline. And I received it 18 hours late, straight. The customer support apologized and made excuses for technical issues, writers availability, told me that I made the order late at night when most operators are absent and other stuff.
  • User comment image
    REPLY Rosie commented
    Thanks to my new job that offers much hopes for a better future and irregular hours for the present, I tend to either pass a weekly set of tasks for one night or do nothing for several days. Paymetodomyhomework promised they would take care of it and within a week what do I see? While there is some progress in tasks, they couldn't show me any notes which I will need in the end of the course. Looks like they prefer doing everything in the very last minute. Canceled subscription.
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