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DoMyEssay Review

Short overview

Years in operation: 4
Minimal price: $10.80
Minimal deadline: 3 hours
Guarantees: Safety and Security, Round-the-Clock Support, Top-Notch Quality, Papers with no Plagiarism, Reasonable Prices
Payment Methods:
Visa Master Card Discover American Express
Available Services: Writing, Re-Writing, Editing, Admission Papers, Reflections, Business Plan, Presentation, etc.
Extra perks and features: Blog articles


In most cases, I decided to write DoMyEssay review after getting multiple questions from my visitors. From the first moments of research, I felt wary: this company doesn’t have a verified date of birth, and without registration, it’s impossible to assess how legit it is. The oldest reviews about it were posted in 2020, but they mention no name and no specific details that would allow me to link them to DoMyEssay. For all I know, the managers bought some services and relied on the old comments from clients to generate a favorable reputation for it. Keeping these weird facts in mind, I kept going, and I made quite a few discoveries. DoMyEssay has affordable prices and detailed service policies, but its writers are inexperienced, and its operators lack qualifications. The quality of the essays here is upsetting, so this company has no chance of getting into the list with the best paper writing services I composed. If you were thinking of hiring it, wait a moment. Learn what I learned and see what you think then.


  • Detailed and safe policies
  • Acceptable prices for help
  • Different services available


  • Suspicious DoMyEssay reviews
  • Weak revisions
  • Low paper writing quality
  • Unhelpful operators
Top 3 services
Table of Contents

Thoughts about Interface and Welcoming Content


As soon as I opened the website of DoMyEssay, I felt bored. There is no unique design or interesting logo here, just a blue background with some symbols. It’s boring, and it doesn’t evoke any memorable impressions – a few days from now, I won’t remember the name of this website. Its content describes what options and guarantees its clients could get, and the text is mostly smooth, but the writers used keywords very awkwardly. This tells me that whoever made DoMyEssay reliable failed. If the managers couldn’t hire more experienced content creators to market their websites properly, what kind of academic writers do they have? You can contact these guys through a chat or email; the phone numbers are absent, which is another imperfection. Some clients prefer speaking to customer support physically. My first impression was more negative than positive, though I still hoped to change my mind.

domyessay review interface

Available Services and Absence of Essay Samples


As I saw after starting my review, this company supports various services. Students could hire different experts, from writers to editors and proofreaders. The number of options is endless for term papers, dissertations, literature reviews, lab reports, case studies, presentations, business plans, research, or argumentative essays. As the company states, it works with all kinds of subjects.

The next thing I did was look up any samples. These papers writers create for free as a reference point for potential clients. All the best paper writing services have them, but DoMyEssay isn’t among them. It has some blog articles related to academic writing, so it’s already something, but I doubt you will benefit from them. They also have mistakes that no respectable writer would make.

Analysis of Policies: What This Company Guarantees


Is DoMyEssay legit? The best way to check it was by reading its policies and exploring its background. The latter concerned me: as I mentioned, I found no mention of its registration in any reliable places. The former was much better, though. The company has detailed explanations for how it uses your data and who else might access it. It promises that all its partners are trustworthy and forbidden from misusing anything you share in any way. Refunds exist and are available for 6 months after delivering your project. This is beneficial, but the issue is that only some cases qualify for it. You’re unlikely to be eligible for a 100% refund unless you accidentally place two identical orders.

Customer Support and Why I Didn’t Like Their Work


Before creating my DoMyEssay account, I wanted to speak with operators and see how they treat their customers. Usually, even the worst companies get many points in this category, but DoMyEssay was the exception. The first meeting was acceptable: the operator greeted me and copy-pasted standard info about their service. This interaction didn’t feel genuine, but it wasn’t bad either. After that, though, I faced slow and inefficient service every time I tried to chat with them. It took many minutes for anyone to respond to me, and when they did, they sounded bored, and they kept giving me misplaced answers. It was like speaking to broken bots that can’t comprehend what you want from them. This was a deeply frustrating experience and one I won’t miss.

domyessay customer support

Quality Part of Do My Essay Review: What My Paper Was Like


Placing an order is always the best way to ensure a company is suitable. Without knowing its level of quality, you can’t say how reliable it is. When I test personal statement editing services for my reviews, I give editors a text and track their changes. I did a similar thing with DoMyEssay: my order was a History essay of 5 pages with 10 days for a deadline and a college level. I paid just $45.60 for it, which is extremely low. With a price like this, I doubted the quality of my future paper, and sadly, my reservations were justified.

Next to all Do My Essay reviews are positive: they sound vague, praising the overall quality of the service. In my case, the good element was that my writer delivered a paper on time. I didn’t have to suffer any delays. But after that, the good news ended. The basic check showed that the text had over 160 language issues. My writer made stupid mistakes, and they sounded awkward and odd in so many instances that I quickly realized English is not their first language. They used non-credible sources, which is always unacceptable, but even more so in History projects. The ideas themselves were childish. This was not an essay on the college level, not even close. I was forced to place a revision request.

domyessay quality

Steps to Place an Order for Your Essay


Is Do My Essay legit as a website for students? Using it seems safe, but it is also bothersome. Placing an order requires you to follow different steps. Here they are:

  1. Use the order form. Finding this form is difficult, an aspect that I didn’t like. You must find the “write my essay” orange button (it’s small and in the middle of the website homepage). You’ll see a form then: add such key details as your deadline, subject, essay length, and type of service.
  2. Create an account. This was another step I didn’t appreciate. You can’t see how the order form looks, you must create your DoMyEssay login and password immediately to proceed. As a tip, avoid linking your Google account to this site. The less info it has, the safer it is.
  3. Keep adding details. Once you’re done, describe your order by introducing more details and uploading files. A warning: it will take you a while.
  4. Browse for a good writer. Look at different writers and decide which of them you’d like to hire.

Fund your account. Add money to your account; the writer isn’t supposed to access it until they deliver your essay. This is a good scheme, but there is no way to check if it works.

domyessay order placement

Secrets of Essay Prices


DoMyEssay prices are definitely among the lowest I’ve seen. Even better, it provides a 20% discount to new clients, a huge and student-friendly offer that anyone will appreciate. I give this company a good rating in this category, but such low prices are concerning. Good writers won’t agree to work for them, as you learned from my experience.

Services Minimal Price per Page
Essay writing service $10.80
Rewriting service $7.56
Editing service $5.40
PowerPoint presentation $10.80

domyessay prices

What My Personal Writer Had to Say


Reviews of DoMyEssay liked the fact that clients pick their writers, and I enjoyed it as well. Seeing people’s profiles and having a chance to talk to them is a great way of ensuring you’re speaking to a knowledgeable person. In theory, that is because, as practice showed, everything is not that simple. I chose a writer who sounded average, and after they failed me, I tried to point out their mistakes. There was no argument: my expert got scared and kept repeating how they would correct everything. I didn’t feel they understood their flaws and were worried about it. No, they worried about losing money. They didn’t even understand my complaints and failed to revise them. To sum up, my writer was nice, but that’s it.

domyessay sitejabber reviews

Details about Revisions

3 can revise your paper within 14 days after you get your project. I used this option hoping that my writer would improve my paper, but while they agreed, the effect was less than pleasing. Some issues disappeared only for the new ones to come in their stead. The sources remained non-academic, language problems were still rampant, and the ideas didn’t become any deeper.

Tools You Could Use to Deepen Your Academic Knowledge


Looking for extra benefits also became a part of my review of DoMyEssay. Top coursework writing services offer academic tools for students. These could be conclusion generators, plagiarism checkers, summarizers, and other similar extras that simplify the educational experience. To my chagrin, DoMyEssay has none of them. It can be explained by the fact that it is very young.

Picture Painted by DoMyEssay Reviews


Since reviews are crucial, I dived into them even before I tested DoMyEssay personally. What became an immediate warning sign was the number of these reviews. Over 2K comments for a relatively new company is an impossible amount. Trust me, no one in this market has become this popular so quickly. I could only explain such a high number because most reviews are fake, and upon a closer look, I made sure of it.


domyessay reviews online

Negative reviews are a minority here, but they display genuine shock at the poor service. The company’s representatives addressed each of them, though it didn’t improve things. Positive comments largely have one vague line of praise, and they get no response from managers. This reinforced my opinion that something fishy was happening. No genuine reviews look like this. At least negative comments have a soul.


No reviews.


domyessay reddit reviews

While managers leave some Reddit reviews of DoMyEssay, others are posted by competitors. I found a negative review from a user who allegedly paid $700 for their paper here. Come on, with the low prices of this company, this guy would have to order over 100 pages. It’s a lie. Fake positive reviews aren’t much better, they are shallow and thoughtless. Nothing authentic, just bots talking to one another.

Social Media

DoMyEssay has a Facebook account and an Instagram. Its Facebook is active, but it also has a review from a fake account: it’s new, and it doesn’t have much content. Instagram account has over 7K followers, but here’s a shocker: only a few people like the posts there, meaning that the rest are bots. I hate such ugly marketing practices.


Will scam me?

No, this company will provide real services to you. The problem is with their quality: it might not be as high or even acceptable as you expected. Beware of fake positive reviews.

Is legit as an academic company?

It’s difficult to answer this question because I haven’t found any official registration of DoMyEssay anywhere. It’s been working for a few years, but many of its reviews are suspicious, so it’s impossible to say if you can fully trust it.

Does offer trustworthy services?

Alas, this company doesn’t have the best writers. It hires newbies and people who aren’t native English speakers, meaning your paper might suffer from their lack of knowledge and qualifications.

Is it safe to place orders at

As of now, it seems that Do My Essay is safe. They treated my information with respect, and the reviews didn’t mention that they broke their promises. But since I have reasons to doubt their legitimacy, it’s hard to say how long this safety will last.

Does deliver good services overall?

There is a revision option for clients who don’t like the papers done by their writers. Unfortunately, these revisions aren’t fully efficient. Because of this, the quality of papers at DoMyEssay suffers.


Writing experience
4 years of expirience
All subject areas
All subject areas
Single/double spaced papers
Single/double spaced papers
All academic formatting
All academic formatting


Money back guarantee
Money back guarantee


Writing experience
3-hours delivery option
Live chat
Live chat
Chat with writer
Chat with writer

Additional Features


Payment Methods

Master Card
American Express

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