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UnemployedProfessors.com Review

“We make your papers go away, so you can play.” That’s the motto of UnemployedProfessors.com, a newer writing service (since 2011) that we have had the experience of investigating for a review. If nothing else, the Unemployed Professors site owners have put together an entertaining place to land – lots of humor there. We, though, are interested in the products and services, and so have assessed UnemployedProfessors against the same factors we use for all writing services. These include the site content, the posted testimonials, the quality of the products, customer service, methods of contact, prices, policies, and other benefits. Here is what we found.

Services Offered

UnemployedProfessors.com is for college students – undergrad and grad, and the company makes no mistake about this. It produces essays, papers, theses, dissertations and editing. We suspect that they would probably accept orders for other research-related products too, such as case studies.


There are footer pages that give further explanation of these products, the writers who produce them, and Unemployed Professors promises that they use only native English-speaking writers with graduate degrees. They have been or currently are instructors at the college level, so that company states.


There are no published prices, because customers place their orders and wait for bids to come in from the writers. We can tell our readers this – prices seem to begin at about $25/page, and some of the writers even state that this is their lowest price. And prices probably vary with deadlines and complexity of topic and numbers and types of resources. We ordered a basic 8-page undergrad paper and did pay $200.

Discounts and Additional Features

In a word, do not look for a promo code¸ coupon codes, or any discounts. In fact, UnemployedProfessors chides other writing services that offer these things. In their words, these are just fraudulent “come-ons” so students think they are getting something for free. And we don’t know whether individual writers are charging for pages such as bibliographies or not.

In terms of additional features, there is a relatively decent blog, although it has not been updated in 8 months, and the same posts are published more than once. There is also a page that has YouTube videos. These are entertaining, but have nothing to do with the products or service the company offers. There are some testimonials published on one YouTube video segment. These are amazingly well-written, and that always sets up a “red flag” for us. students writing as well as professors? Probably not.

Nonetheless, we can certainly say that Unemployed Professors is not a fraud or scam. We ordered a paper, our instructions were followed, and it was delivered on time. In terms of quality? It was mediocre, at best, and there were grammatical errors that any instructor or professor would catch.

We would also like to see a BBB membership. Being featured on several known websites does not replace a BBB rating, established through actual customer reviews and feedback.

Customer Support and Site Usability

There really is not customer support. Customers can contact the company by leaving a message. We left a message and received a response about 48 hours later – not a great record.

Customers can talk directly with their writers, both to negotiate pricing and to ask for progress.

Relative to the site, there is a lot that does not directly relate to products and service. It is entertaining and fun and perhaps the company believes this will attract student customers. It may, but the proof of being effective is in the products its writers produce. In our case, it was pretty “average” for $200.


There are profiles for four of their featured writers on the site. those profiles do include their degrees but no detailed information about the colleges and universities from which they graduated. Some of the profiles are a bit hard to believe too. If they have the credentials and the degrees they claim, they have spent a lot of time in school. Many of these writers speak to their abilities to produce essays and papers in wholly disparate topic areas – from literature to hard science.

An area of concern is what the company says about its dissertation writers. It claims that its writers can complete an entire dissertation for a Ph.D. candidate, including conducting original qualitative or quantitative research from afar. How does that happen? This type of research for a dissertation is completed locally, and true Ph.D.’s know this.



As we look at pros & cons, we give the company an A+ for entertainment. The site is a fun place. Our concerns, however, include the fact that prices are high for the quality received, writers may be exaggerating their credentials, and we are not provided more detailed information about writers. Overall, we are assigning a rating of “Fair.”

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    I appreciate that you are able to get assignments out quickly. The papers are written well. However, graduate-level writing can be improved. Graduate-level writing does not have "fill words."
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    the support team here are just all at sea. they know absolutely nothing about their own services! unacceptable and cant recommend to anyone
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    I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! My coursework was 100% OFF-TOPIC!!!!
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