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AustralianEssay Review has been in the writing service industry since 2013. While it promotes primarily to Australian and UK customers, it states that it also serves students from anywhere in the world. This review is based upon a careful study of several criteria that we use in assessing quality and professionalism – customer reviews, information on the company website, writing samples if available, site-published testimonials, and the quality of product and support we received through the ordering and delivery of a research paper. Our summary follows.

Factor 1: Types of Writing Services Offered

Australian Essay focuses solely on academic writing for students at all levels. They list their services on a separate link – essays and papers of any type, on any topic, and graduate level Master’s and Ph.D. research projects. Students may also get a preliminary calculation of what they need prior to actual order placement.

Factor 2: Trust/Reliability

AustralianEssay promotes itself as the premier academic writing service in Australia. We read through the content on each page and on several of the specific types of writing products. Unfortunately, the grammar and composition was such that we suspect writers may be ESL individuals – at least the writer of the site content is.

There is an FAQ page which answers important questions and policies which outline terms and conditions. And, customers who have provided feedback and comments on the web do state that they have received their products on time. We also had the same experience. To this end, then, we can state that is not a fraud or scam, although obtaining a BBB membership would help to establish trust.

Factor 3: Level of Quality

As stated, the written content on the website is cause for some concern. From a grammar and composition standpoint, there are many errors. There is a blog, although it only includes two articles, and grammatical and word usage errors abide there as well.

Customers have similar complaints about their products. The research paper we received was not different. We sent it back for revisions, received the final product back again, but still errors were found. This definitely impacts our rating of Australian Essay negatively.

Factor 4: Pricing/Payment

AustralianEssay prices are based upon the Aus. $. They range from $18.99/page for a basic essay with a 20-day deadline to $33.59 for Ph.D. level work with a 7-day deadline. While the site advertises prices starting as low as Aus. $12.99/page, we were unable to find any such pricing. Our paper came to Aus. $167.89 for the standard quality and that equaled approximately $130.00 U.S. this is about average for the industry. We also found 15% discounts with a promo code for first-time customers. We searched for other special pricing or coupon codes for other discounts, but were unable to find any.

The other unusual feature of the service is that it does not distinguish between secondary, college, and graduate level pricing until the thesis and dissertation level. And, when asked by us, a customer support representative insisted that a full dissertation (all five chapters) could be produced within 7 days. This would be miraculous indeed.

Factor 5: Additional Important Considerations

There are some benefits offered – free title page, outline, bibliography, and a quality assurance check before a product is delivered. We wonder about that department, as our paper certainly had several errors.


As we compile a list of pros & cons relative to Australian Essay, we find that, while they are reliable in meeting deadlines and following customer instructions, they do not have the quality that students should expect for their money. There are many other services which do offer exceptional writers for the same price. We do not recommend this service unless a student is willing to accept the potential of lan ESL writer.

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