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Which Company Is Reliable?

We said that the Internet is full of this kind of platform. This means that students will have a difficult time finding the best and most reliable ones out there. Also, if anyone used a utility or feature for the first time without any prior research, they know how important information is!

Luckily, we’re here to help you! In the following lines, we’ll show you the top 10 essay writing services that can help you secure that ideal grade in one of your classes!

  • Top Essay Writing

We start our overviews with a review of TopEssayWriting platform. Keep in mind that, even though some of the entries on this list may lack popularity, they came with enough positive reviews to be included here.

The aforementioned comes with four categories of available papers, so to speak: Senior, Junior, Freshman, and Sophomore. However, you can also choose from the two levels of superior study, namely Master’s and Doctoral. 

Their prices range from $12 to $44, and, judging by the reviews, they are reliable. The only downside would be the shortest deadline term, which is 6 hours. 

  • Essay Thinker

Next on our list is EssayThinker. Compared to the previous entry, this one is a bit more popular as there are more satisfied customers that left a rating after their purchase. Most customers were happy with the final piece, support team, and delivery time.

Overall, the reviews are mixed, but several students claimed that the quality of the company’s services is worth its value. 

  • Essay Shark

According to one Essay Shark review, this platform comes with a 4-star rating and can be seen as fairly reliable. However, we did some extra research – just as you should before choosing yours.

As such, the good features of this company are its bid system and the fact that you get unlimited revisions. This means that not only you’ll get exactly what you paid for, but you can also ask the writer for modifications if you’re not happy with something and don’t want to work on the paper yourself.

The downsides would be, as other reviews mentioned, that this platform comes with no instant support. Therefore, even if you’re guaranteed unlimited revisions, they may not come in time!

  • Edusson

There are a lot of Edusson reviews out there – and most of them were positive, as it boasts a rating of 4.4 stars. But let’s see what it has to offer. 

Customers are generally happy with what Edusson provides. There are multiple mentions of quick and timely deliveries, quality work, well-written pieces, and decent customer support interaction.

However, there were times when orders were left unfulfilled. Even though those were isolated cases, it’s good to keep this aspect in mind before ordering a paper from them. 

  • Premier Essay

Premier Essay reviews praise its customer support. Even those that didn’t receive what they ordered stated that they eventually settled for a refund. Overall, the reviews stand mixed.

Some claim that the pieces written by the writers of this platform helped them a great deal, while others stated that they expected more.

  • Essay Tigers

This is yet another unpopular writing company. Despite that, one Essay Tigers review after the other state that their services are on par with some of the top writing companies out there.

Among the service’s qualities, it’s worth mentioning its quick delivery, the roster of professional and expert writers, and the willingness to address edits/ make revisions. 

Customers were satisfied with the results, with some saying that while the service doesn’t provide exceptional work, it’s more than enough for that A grade. Given the latter, this platform may not be the right fit for more complex papers, such as IB extended, for example.

  • Fresh Essays

What could get anyone’s attention when it comes to this particular service is, as one Fresh Essays review states, the fact that you are allowed to choose a favorite writer once you’ve ordered a couple of times from their platform.

This means that you could get a few decent essays until you come across the writer that will ensure you straight As. Naturally, this comes with a price as well – most customers state that, while the platform does deliver, it can be a bit pricey and probably couldn’t be used constantly. 

  • Best Essays

This service is among the top ones that are currently available on the market. It has a substantial number of reviews and ratings, with thousands of people that have relied on them for an assignment. Now, let’s see exactly what Best Essays reviews say!

According to most customers, the website delivers on time – every single time. Several people claimed that Best Essay doesn’t skip deadlines or such. The next good thing about it is the customer support response time. 

In terms of downsides, some may not be happy to hear that Best Essays doesn’t usually issue refunds. Instead, they will escalate your case and do their best to solve your issue. This may not be ideal for those that need to comply with college deadlines or receive a bad piece overall. 

  • Same Day Essay

SameDayEssay is a service that has been established back in 2012. Since then, it managed to build a reputation as a cheap and reliable writing company.

Their prices start at $14 and, according to most reviews out there, they do deliver quality papers – usually. Several customers stated that this service is ideal only for average and not A-grade pieces or graduate school papers. Naturally, there were people saying that the quality is on par with the costs and that they were generally satisfied by the results.

Note that this particular service, despite being on the market for quite some time, comes with scarce – and sometimes inconclusive – reviews. 

  • Edu Birdie

Edubirdie is another top platform, mainly because it focuses on more than writing papers. It is labeled as providing research assistance and samples to students, as well as proofreading solutions. In fact, most of the reviews show that EduBirdie has some good proofreaders working for them.

As many people ask themselves, “is EduBirdie legal?” the information above states clearly that yes, they are. Moreover, it is well-known that it doesn’t tolerate plagiarism at all. Therefore, you can be sure you’ll receive original work for your pay!

It is worth mentioning that research is one of EduBirdie’s most popular qualities, making this service ideal for those in need of research for medical school or other complex topics, so to speak.

What Is the Best Online Service?

After reading our reviews of the most popular platforms out there, you may wonder what is the best service, after all?

Well, the answer is rather subjective, to say the least.

As you may have noticed, each of the above does at least one good thing. TopEssayWriting, for example, comes with packages fit for both high school and university students, while EduBirdie is better at research.

Given the above, students must take into account the type of paper they have to write before choosing a particular platform. Here’s what you should pay attention to when searching for an online assistance of this type:

  • Fastest Delivery Time – when looking for a quick paper, so to speak, try to find a balance between quality and fast delivery times. If you want a 2000-word paper on a common topic, then a 3-hour delivery time may be enough. However, if a platform claims that they can deal with an academic assignment of the same length in 3 hours as well, you may want to check the next one on your list. Keep in mind that, no matter the expertise and professionalism, a writer must still research and avoid plagiarism – just like you do in school!
  • Decent Pricing – the basic rule would be to avoid the extremely cheap ones and be careful of those boasting extreme professionalism and high prices. CoolEssay, for example, comes with average prices and, judging from its ratings, with average results as well – results that were satisfying for its customers. 
  • Plagiarism Reports – any reliable platform should provide you with a plagiarism report as proof that the work is original. As per an Ultius review, for example, this particular platform doesn’t come with such reports, and one of their customers got accused of plagiarism. We don’t know who is at fault, but it is better to have such a report available even if it costs extra. 
  • Check Their Writers – the last thing you want is a writer that uses Yahoo answers as sources. Therefore, you should check if a platform’s writers are specialists or not. EssayEdge, for example, is known for their customer support – with one simple email, you could find out a lot of information about the kind of writers they have available. 
  • 24/7 Availability – speaking of customer support, it is recommended to use a platform that comes with 24/7 availability for its customers. If you need a last-minute revision and you have 30 minutes left to submit the piece to your teacher, you should be able to rely on the platform or on the writer that you worked with. 
  • Reviews and Ratings – even though most of today’s ratings are paid by companies, it’s easy to spot the real ones within the crowd, so to speak. You should always check the ratings of the company that you plan to use. The more opinions you find, the better – as an example, the number of Essay Pro reviews on a particular website is over 3000. This means that it can be trusted. 

The Bottom Line

In the end, it’s safe to say that finding the best website is a difficult thing to do. 

First of all, you have to take into account the type of piece that you have to write. Essays that deal with social work topics, for example, are best written from the perspective of your country or a personal one. In this case, having a foreigner write your assignment wouldn’t be recommended.

However, with a bit of research, you’ll come across plenty of reputable companies that can provide you with a paper that will satisfy both you and your teachers!

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